My 10-year old qualified at the range today!

This is a discussion on My 10-year old qualified at the range today! within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I'm having a PROUDEST MOMMY moment right here. When we recently talked to him about Mom taking steps to legally obtain a firearm and concealed ...

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Thread: My 10-year old qualified at the range today!

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    My 10-year old qualified at the range today!

    I'm having a PROUDEST MOMMY moment right here. When we recently talked to him about Mom taking steps to legally obtain a firearm and concealed carry (and of course, all types of safety stuff), he was really interested. After I came back from the range the first time, I excitedly told him all about it, and he insists that we shoot cans in the backyard (we have a backstop) with his little plastic pellet guns together. We treat them like they are the real thing, and always practice safety at home. He wants to know everything he can learn.

    Anyhow, today he went to the range with my (our) instructors. They are starting an NRA First Steps class next month, so he's the guinea pig, if you will. 1st kid they've ever taught, and he took to it like a duck to water! He qualified and got a certificate!And they had said that if he did that, they would instruct him on a .22lr pistol as well.

    He couldn't get enough! Shot anything they'd let him get his hands on and went through quite a few different types of bulls-eye targets. Don't worry, no silhouettes. Anyhow, I think he's definitely another one in the family that's got the bug now! The only time he was visibly upset was when we had to stop and go home. He didn't have a fit or anything, but his little shoulders slumped and his face fell. As soon as we got in the car, he asked "Mom, when is the soonest we can go back again, and can I have a snubbie for Christmas?"

    Um, we can go back in a few weeks and yes, when you're 21. LOL!

    I just had to share. It's a great feeling to see him not only take an active interest, but to do well! I feel like my heart is swelling out of my chest!

    This last one is just for laughs, it's our Family's Zombie Response Team!

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    That is great. I think this would be a much better world if more parents got their kids involved in shooting at an early age. Kids soak up this type of thing like sponges.

    Good for you, and good for him too!
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    You should be very proud.

    My son and I have been shooting together for many years. We're heading to Front Sight this fall.

    My daughter used to shoot when she was younger. I sent her off to college and she came back an anti-gun freaking liberal.
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    HOORAY for the flash shirt!! :D

    and thats aswome about your son as well :)

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    That's awesome Bunny, congrats to him for his accomplishment, and you for guiding him well.

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    Very neat! Great day for both of you!
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    Great way to spend the day,not only does he learn gun safety, but also builds the parent/child relationship.

    Only problem I see is pretty soon he's going to want that new SIG 239 of yours!

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    You have reason to be proud. Thanks for raising a true American.

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    Awesome, I couldn't help but notice his finger indexed properly outside of the trigger. Great job I'm sure you will teach him well and you will have a ball in doing so. Someday he will be telling his kids about his trips to the range with mom.
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    Cool,Keep up the great parenting,teaching responsibility at a young age will go far
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    If you adopt me as your kid, could I get one of them thar AR15s?
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    That's a good job your doing

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    Congrats on 'gun-proofing' your child...
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    Great job to both you and your son!

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