Wish me luck everyone!

Wish me luck everyone!

This is a discussion on Wish me luck everyone! within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Ever since I was hired on with the private security company I work with, I wanted to be on patrol. I think it'd be fun ...

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Thread: Wish me luck everyone!

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    Wish me luck everyone!

    Ever since I was hired on with the private security company I work with, I wanted to be on patrol. I think it'd be fun to drive around in a company vehicle and secure different properties. I really wish I could become an LEO, but I am somewhat physically handicapped. According to the big guys at my employer, they only allow their patrol officers to be armed, and its the closest I'll get to becoming an LEO. I talked to my boss and he said we'll have a chat about it next week with the other guy at the top. I asked to at least be given a chance to be a patrol officer, and if it doesn't work out I can go back to what I was doing before. The reason they wouldn't allow me before is because it involves much walking and in and out of the patrol car, and they also told me I had to be 25, and yet they hired a 23 year old for the same position. I am 24 years old now.

    I know the local PD cannot be everywhere at once, so I'd really like to do my part in helping keep the community safe, and its one of the few jobs where carrying a gun is allowed. I hope I am accepted onto armed patrol, and told them I'm more than willing to go through additional training if that is what it takes. If they allow me to choose a new duty gun, it'll most likely be a Glock 17. I still understand though the job of a security officer is to observe and report, and that a gun is only used as an absolute last resort. So wish me luck!
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    I wish you the best. That sounds like a pretty cool position. I am a secuirty guard but I am not permitted to carry a firearm as I work on a university campus and they have a full armed police force at their disposal. I'll be jealous if you get it... ;)

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    Good luck in everything you do.

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    Go for it, and good luck...from a former Alaskan (1983-1990).
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    Good luck! Let us know :)
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    Good luck!
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    Good luck, and be safe.
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    good luck!!!
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    Best of luck! It's not about what you can't do, it's about what you can.
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    Good luck and stay safe!

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    Good luck!
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    Good luck!

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    Good luck. You can do anything with desire and effort.

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    Best of luck in your job pursuit.
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    Good luck! Sounds awesome!

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