Driving at 75mph while reading a novel.

Driving at 75mph while reading a novel.

This is a discussion on Driving at 75mph while reading a novel. within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Moron Alert!! LiveLeak.com - Driving at 75 mph while Reading Novel...

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Thread: Driving at 75mph while reading a novel.

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    Driving at 75mph while reading a novel.

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    I've seen that and much worse over the years. My biggest concern is that when natural selection kicks in and takes these idiots out of the gene pool, no one else goes with them.

    Haven't they heard of books-on-tape?!!
    *WARNING - I may or may not know what I am talking about.

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    tape? ohh you must mean books on CD. lol :D

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    Quote Originally Posted by mutumbo View Post
    tape? ohh you must mean books on CD. lol :D
    CD? What's that? I use 10000+ MP3's on a thumb drive that plugs into my headunit.

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    Does this mean it's ok for me to put on mascara and lip gloss in rush hour traffic now? :P

    I wouldn't have been as brave as the narrator, to keep my vehicle as close to that guy as she did. Holy cow! Just when you think you've seen all kinds of stupid, another one goes and rears its ugly head.
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    as scary as it is I have seen this on MANY occasions and we are not talking a map or something we are talking about a hard cover BOOK, I have seen newspapers, magazines the best one yet is the word search I had seen a lady doing while going about 65 on the freeway that one really got my attention. Where this was in slower traffic and nobody for them to hit I did the nicest thing I could think of and honked with the air horns, needless to say he dropped the book... Living here in Washington we have so many overseas immigrants who literally cannot park in their driveways (watched one woman take over 20 minutes to park in driveway!) let alone drive on the freeway then you see this crap and wonder why insurance is so high.

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    That novel is probably going to be a smashing success.
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    I'm strangely terrified and impressed.

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    that is by far not the worst thing i have ever seen driving down the road the ones the bother me are the drivers with both feet on the dash partaking in a little solidification

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    I gave this sort of thing up in sixth grade after a couple of near misses: I used to read books while bicycling home from school. I would ride slow enough that my peripheral vision would keep me close enough to the parked cars so drivers could go around me.

    Hardy Boys, I think, and Tom Swift books, for you old guys who might remember them.
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    What gets me is the people I've seen -texting- on
    their phones/PDAs at 60 mph+.

    I won't even answer my cell if I'm driving at highway
    The doer alone learneth.

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    I don't ever answer or use my cell at all unless it's going to be a 30 second or less conversation with someone, e.g., "yea I'm on my way - BYE"

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    I will alert the Darwin Awards people to be on the lookout!
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    I have seen this and so much more, once out in L A I was driving in heavy but flowing traffic going about 65 and saw a lady putting on pantyhose while driving next to me.
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    I have seen this!!! Bozo had a news paper up over the steering wheel reading while going down the Highway, and yes I did a 911 on them....
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