Went to the gun show..I'm PO'ed

Went to the gun show..I'm PO'ed

This is a discussion on Went to the gun show..I'm PO'ed within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I can't believe guys were trying to sell boxes of .40 Blazer Brass (50) for $35. It's still $13 at WallyWorld if you can ever ...

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Thread: Went to the gun show..I'm PO'ed

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    Went to the gun show..I'm PO'ed

    I can't believe guys were trying to sell boxes of .40 Blazer Brass (50) for $35. It's still $13 at WallyWorld if you can ever find it on the shelves. I hope nobody at the show purchased any ammo today. It's probably these (explitive restraint being used) that are clearing the shelves at WW and Academy. That's it, I feel better now.

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    Good to vent sometimes eh? It sucks but it's part of the capitalist society we live in. We can just get people like that back by not buying from them and when prices eventually go down, they're stuck with ammo they bought and they won't be able to get back the money they put into it.
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    That's one of the reasons I stopped going to gun shows a few months ago. They never have ammo here but now that you can't find any, the vendors now have some for double the price. No thanks. They can keep all of the junk they sell.

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    thats why i just buy @ wally world. so far they seem to be the only ones not cashing in and raising prices through the roof on ammo. downside is you can't find it and venders are cashing in on the fact that wally world isn't raising so they buy then double then sell. greed @ its best. yet people are willing to pay the prices so its not going to stop

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    It used to be much easier to find cheap ammo by shopping around online, but even some of the well known "online ammo outlets" are starting to rip us off:
    FMJ Ammo : Ammunition To Go

    9mm is just as bad:
    FMJ Ammo : Ammunition To Go
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    Yep, we found the same problem at the Fort Worth Gun Show. They were pricing ammo like it was gold plated...and people were paying it in some cases. I guess capitalism is alive and well, but a lot of the ammo I saw was in boxes that looked like it had been kicked around the basement for a few years. God knows where some of it came from. I prefer waiting patiently for a few boxes of new ammo reasonably priced from wally world. :)

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    At times I do seriously wonder if buying anything at a gun show is worth it in the long run. I've found that the prices are if anything more expensive than buying from your favorite gun supply store. I'll be facing this decision to buy next weekend.

    There is a gun show here in Vegas. The last gun show I attended here in Vegas had higher prices for most of the things I wanted than at the local gun stores. Not to mention the admission fee as well. Even if I go in and buy nothing I'm out $14.00 just for admission. Is it worth it? I don't know.

    I will most likely go to the gun show. But will I buy anything, hard to say.
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    Stopped going to to the junk & rip-off shows last year, all done.
    Only show for me will be the NRA convention in Pa. next year.
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    I go to the gun shows regularly. If the crowds stop then we lose them. Just because I go doesn't mean I have to buy into their inflated prices or whatever. Granted I've never been to gun shows all over the country, just in my area. I did go to the giant Wannamacher show in Tulsa Okla, it was fantastic.

    Here's why I go:
    1. The anti-gun groups HATE gun shows, that right there is reason for me to go.
    2. I sometimes find a good deal on some ammo, or a hard-to-find milsurp gun decently priced. During the shortage I found ten decently priced DPMS .308 mags.
    3. I know a lot of the dealers, so we can "work on lowering that price".
    4. It's a good place to handle/look at a gun that you don't normally find in gun stores.
    5. It's a "guy" thing to do. My wife likes to walk the mall with her friends; I like to walk the gun show with mine. It's something to do during a Saturday afternoon.
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    Capitalism is the foundation of this great country

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    I walked by a gun show about an hour after it opened the line was LONG. I didn't bother going because I didn't feel like standing in line. A friend who got there about that time said he was in line for an hour before he got it. That is enough to keep me out.
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    Wow.. yesterday I went to a show here in Michigan and it was the same.. .45 acp Blazer Brass (50) for $35, White box Winchester for $40+?!?!?

    I went in with a short list(gunvualt, handcuffs, ect) and walked out with only a sticker.
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    We're our own worst enemies. I was at Wally yesterday, and all they had was .32 (which I needed) and .40 (which I didn't). And some rifle ammo. There were 4 boxes of the .32, so trying to be nice and leave some for others since we don't go through alot of .32 I bought 2, left two. Guy beside me says "I'll take the other two boxes, ALL the .40 (6 boxes) and ALL the .223.

    I shot him a look and asked the clerk "don't you guys have a limit right now?" Clerk shrugged, and said "Uhh, not here".

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    I just wish that the manufacturers were profiting from the crazy prices...then they could expand manufacturing facilities and make more. Then supply wouldn't be so limited sand prices could drop. That's what supply and demand are supposed to be about.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ncglock View Post
    Capitalism is the foundation of this great country
    It is, and we've all sold things for a profit. It's not like anyone was forced to buy at that price.
    In due time, capitalism will treat those same 'sellers' with their own medicine.
    Remember sticker prices on cars? Red tag sales, code for our price, we don't negotiate? How much are they selling their cars for now?
    The possibility of this happening was discussed a year and a half ago. Those who were able to plan ahead, stocked up. Now we can wait it out and still shoot and take a course or two.
    It's the American way...

    For now, we have to deal with the prices the OP...
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