Could Have Gone Another Way

Could Have Gone Another Way

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Thread: Could Have Gone Another Way

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    Could Have Gone Another Way

    Hello All, This just happened to us last night. The wife and I were enjoying the evening together and the decided to let our house cat out for a little while. He enjoys walking around on his territory!
    Anyway, suddenly there was loud barking and commotion outside. The wife immediately runs outside screaming for the cat. I'm in hot pursuit and find two rather big dogs have cornered my wife's cat on our front porch!
    Well, when my wife opens the door the cat is now startled by the door opening from behind as he was concerned of the dogs in front of him barking and scampers off to the side to escape. The dogs now have a game!
    The wife and I are trying desperately to coral the cat but secure the dogs from turning the "GAME" into mince meat!
    All the while the dogs owners are calling for their dogs form the middle of the street, my wife is running in the front yard calling and chasing the cat, and me sort of in the middle as referee.
    This was sort of a long set up but I wanted to paint the proper picture for this question. Would I have been justified in shooting one, or both, dogs had it gone bad?
    Thank goodness it didn't. I opened our back gate and the cat escaped through it. To add a little spice to the scene, my wife is deathly afraid of dogs. But she was confronting them and shooing (?) them away from the cat. I now believe the dogs had no intention of any harm to the cat or my wife. But at the time there was no real way of knowing that! I was carrying and the thought did pass my mind, "if I have to.... I will!" Would that have been wrong?
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    As subjective as your question is, so are the answers you’re likely to receive. Anyway, if my family member or my lapdogs were to be compromised, I would use whatever reasonable force was required. With respect to articulation, and because this threat occurred on your property, I also believe this would have helped to support your actions.
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    So the owners were walking their dogs without leashes or do you live out in the boonies?

    Out in the boonies...I could see firing a few shots in the grass to hopefully freak the dogs out but most dogs out my way are hunting dogs and guns don't bother them a bit.

    Inside city limits...I would find it hard to justify a shooting unless they cornered you or your wife.

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    I have no idea what the law says about defending a pet (i don't own any --- so never bothered to find out)... But if one of the dogs bit me or my wife I would not think twice about shooting the dog.

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    Local laws would dictate acceptable actions on your part. Was your or your wife's life ever threatened?
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    It depends on what you mean by going bad. If you mean the dogs turned on you or your wife and attacked, I'd say yes, you would be justified to use your weapon to stop the attack.

    If you mean they caught the cat and were mauling it. That is going to depend on SC state law. Are you allowed to use deadly force to protect property?

    While many here, including me, consider my pets as members of the family, most states are going to view them as property. You would probably be charged with discharging a weapon inside the city limits or some such charge. I believe the exception to that would be the case of a service animal, such as seeing eye dog, or one for the hearing impaired.

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    Even a warning shot might have invited some LE problems by your description. I have been unfortunate enough to get between a dog and its intended rival before and it is a painful lesson but my event was in no way life threatening. I think it would have to be life threatening for YOU before you could be justified IMO
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    Pepper spray might be a better option

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    As far as I am concerned if they are on my property I am allowed to shoot them.Now that does not mean that I would shoot an animal JUST for being on my property but that I can.There have been cases that I know of where the owner would not keep the animal restrained and it was going onto someone else property and causing damage and fighting his animals.Property owner told the dog owner if he saw the dog on his property again he was going to shoot it and he did. Nothing was ever done to the property owner as far as I know.

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