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Thread: Names For a Dog

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    How 'bout STIMPY??
    Sorry, it's lame and not Irish.
    Oops, STIMPY was a cat, wasn't he??
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    My Irish Setter story...

    I worked in high school and through college with a veterinarian. Had high hopes of being a vet one day, but....that's another story. I'm working one Saturday, doing the routine stuff. A female Irish Setter puppy is brought in (can't even remember by who now) for an initial checkup. The doc goes thru explaining of the cost for vaccines, deworming, and exams. The puppy also had a rash (juvenile acne) on it's stomach. Very common puppy stuff. The owner of this puppy decides he cannot afford the costs of the puppy but CAN afford to put her down. It was my task to take the pup back to the cages for euthanasia. The entire staff was stunned by the decision. Ultimately, I spoke up and told the docs I wanted the puppy and would take care of her. So, we broke the law and did not put the puppy down as consented to by her "owner".

    I carried the pup back to college and "presented" her to my future wife as "her" dog. Of course, I kept her at my home, but every chance I could I brought her to school for visits. When I graduated and moved away she went with me, a constant companion. (The dog, not the future wife). The memories with her are too numerous to start here.


    Best dog I will ever have. 13 years with me/my wife/ our kids. She has been gone now ~6 years. I have her picture on the wall at my farm so I can still see her everyday. And I'm getting emotional thinking about her now.

    Dogs ask for nothing but a little love and attention and give it back tenfold.

    Dogs Rule.

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    Dang, needed to put a "Fuzzy Monitor Warning" on your post!

    Well done, Sir!
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    Agree with T/A, good post, WolfPack.
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    Male name and Irish sounding to me. Also ends in Y.

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    how about blarny cause ass you know puppys are full of poo lmao

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