The speeding ticket...

The speeding ticket...

This is a discussion on The speeding ticket... within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Some old lady got pulled over by a cop for driving too fast, and the cop asked for her license. She says "I don't got ...

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Thread: The speeding ticket...

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    The speeding ticket...

    Some old lady got pulled over by a cop for driving too fast, and the cop asked for her license. She says "I don't got a license! You jerks took it last year for drinking and driving!"

    The cop's eyes widen a bit, "Can I see your registration?"

    "Hell no! This ain't my car! I shot the guy driving it, cut 'im up, and put the pieces in the trunk. Chain-saw's back there too!"

    The cop's scared to death at this point. He calls in for back up and soon enough there's twenty cops, a SWAT team, and helicopters surrounding the lady. They search her car, but find nothing.

    The Chief cautiously walks up to the lady, and asks her if she's got an ID. "Well sure sir, here you go" she says as she pulls out her license and offers it to him.

    The Chief looks confused. "Do you, uh, have your registration?"

    "Yes sir, its in the car."

    Sure enough, there is was. The Chief doesn't know what to think now. "Ma'am, we had a report that you stole this car, killed the owner and stuck his remains in the trunk."

    "I bet they told you I was speeding too..."
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    First time I've heard this variation. Funny.
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    That's cute, I haven't seen that before.
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    rofl! Have to remember that if I'm ever pulled over! :)
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    A perfectly executed "straw man" argument. Smooooth.
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    Cute. I will mention that to the next officer that pulls me over!
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