Crime Data in your area...

Crime Data in your area...

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Thread: Crime Data in your area...

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    Crime Data in your area...

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    Cool link, but it doesn't work in my area.
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    Mine, either :(
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    Mine either.
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    Most good guys carry in my area so there is not much crime.
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    Actually a cool just gives just one place for Maine and that is Sanford. Sanford? No one goes to Sanford.

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    Doesn't work in mine either, but our sheriff has just set up an email alert for our county so we can receive alerts and reports sent to us if we like. I thought that was a cool thing to do. Also, we have phone alerts when there is danger in our neighborhood such as convicts escaped, severe weather or something bad going on in the nieghborhood.
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    Nothing in my area either. I guess most of us are crime free, right?
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    Nothing for Ventura County, but it was interesting browsing around a bit. Salinas (Northeast of Monterey with a population less than 150k people) has a crime density similar to what you would find in South Chicago, Detroit or D.C.

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    Thanks but not working here either.
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    Nothing here, either....
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    Great idea, but didn't have my area either.

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    Pretty interesting. Just shoplifting from the local Walgreens within 10 miles as the crow flies.
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