State trooper vs EMT

State trooper vs EMT

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Thread: State trooper vs EMT

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    State trooper vs EMT

    EMT In Confrontation With Trooper Speaks Out|NewsChannel 8
    This got me laughing a bit. This state trooper didnt know what the hell was going on it sounds like.
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    Looks like some mistakes were made by both sides.

    BTW, taking control of the EMT's right arm may have been a better idea than grabbing him by the throat and leaving his arm free.

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    If this Paramedic's account is factual, then that officer should be held accountable for his actions. Even if the officer had been "flipped off", it was a minor offense to interrupt the treatment and transportation of a patient.
    The Officer could have reported it to the Ambulance Service or confronted the driver at the hospital.
    I would like to see what the Officer has to say, but I can't imagine what the Paramedic or driver could do that would justify this kind of action on his part.
    If this account if correct, this Officer should be fired and never given this kind of authority again.
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    Real nice cop thats all I got to say about him.

    If I did that to someone I would end up in jail or lose My job if I done that in the course of My job.

    What the heck is this world coming too.

    I hope the Lady in the ambulance was ok.

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    sounds like a cop on a power trip.
    the EMT should not have pulled over with a pt in the back.
    the second the cop started that crap i would have gotten back in the truck and left. no need to delay pt transport/care for some cops stupidity

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    We are only getting one side of this story... need more info...
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    If the EMT's account is 100% accurate and factual, IMO they should not have stopped transit to the hospital. EMTs are in constant contact with their local dispatch and should have been notified of the officer's intent, and any confrontation should only have taken place after the patient was transferred into the care of the ER... it's not like an ambulance is hard to follow.

    With that said, an ambulance driver is just as liable for traffic violations and unsafe driving as anyone else - perhaps more so. Think about this - someone calls 911 and needs an ambulance. A single ambulance with a crew of 2-3 (driver, paramedic, emt) is dispatched to the scene. They arrive safely, load the patient, and begin transit to the ER. On the way, they get in a wreck with another car - say there are two people in it. That means that your 3 person crew are now potential patients, as well as the other passengers - and the original patient. If the accident were severe enough, all 6 of them would need transport and care - that is at a minimum 3 more ambulances and crews that may not be available, and even if they are, they are now tied up with the ambulance involved MVA and cannot run any other calls. The police know this, and if they see another emergency vehicle being driven recklessly they are obliged to keep the public safe. Depending on the situation, the ambulance driver may have been justified in failing to yield, if it was the safest thing he could have done in the situation.

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    Had someone in the ambulance died or suffered from the untimely stop, the officer would have some further difficulties.
    The fact that he (the cop) did not follow through with the arrest at the hospital, says something about his inability to find 'proper charges'...I think the cop 'screwed up'...big time!
    We'll see...
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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    Had someone in the ambulance died or suffered from the untimely stop, the officer would have some further difficulties.
    The fact that he (the cop) did not follow through with the arrest at the hospital, says something about his inability to find 'proper charges'...I think the cop 'screwed up'...big time!
    We'll see...
    Exactly, I think the officer lost his temper, acted improperly and upon questioning the DA was told he screwed up and to try to tactfully back up.

    I can only imagine the horror that this family endured waiting not knowing if their mother would die sitting beside the road.
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    I hope that the EMT is not charged in this altercation. The officers seem to be having a bit of a power trip here. when is a front choke appropriate means of controlling somebody anyway. I must say this is weird to see. I was an EMT in metro DC area. there is always a sense of camraderie and professional respect with the law and the medicos; they see the same stuff and actually back each other up. cops back up emts in dicey areas; emts cover raids and respond to hurt LEOs ASAP. I wonder if there is a history with the LEO and EMS in this particular area.
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    Assistant District Attorney Maxey Reilly said Friday it may be next week before she decides what charges, if any, will be filed. She did note, though, that the interference with paramedics in the performance of their duties is against the law in Oklahoma.

    But Reilly would not say if the troopers would be charged with that violation.
    Here's the link to the follow up story Troopers involved in scuffle identified

    Judging by the video, and assuming the EMT accounts are accurate it looks like a clear case of Contempt of Cop.

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    With these reports growing more and more common I am having a entirely new DISRESPECT for law enforcement. From these types of incidences it is apparent that the system from top to bottom is EXTREMELY corrupt. I have seen 5 videos of this type officer misconduct within the past week and it grows more and more disturbing. If an officer is involved in a physical altercation by no will of his own that's one thing but to be a douche bag just because you're a cop and there's nothing anyone can do about it is totally another.

    It is becoming more and more common that people are having video surveillance installed in their vehicles for this very reason and I believe that's a GREAT thing. Once these PIGS (and I'm speaking of these types of "police officers" not the good/real ones) get the picture they can only to hope to be nothing more than Glorified Rent-A-Cops!!!

    There was a story about a Sheriff that tried to have the video surveillance systems installed in the personal vehicles barred from court evidence but he failed at that. Later, HE was removed from office and arrested by that very thing.
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    Regardess of who is at-fault, or whether both parties share some blame, it makes the troopers look bad (even if they are totally innocent) to the general public's perception.

    A patient being transported in the ambulance is an important issue here. It'll be interesting to see how this turns out, I hope someone can post a follow-up here.
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    sspargo, that kind of narrow minded crap is what the media feeds off of. I don't know how many tens of thousands of law enforcement professionals do a fantastic job day in and day out. They take all sorts of crap and during my time in EMS, I've seen them restrain themelves during incidents that would have had me beating someone, and I am one of the most calmly tempered guys you'll ever meet.

    Have I met a few cops there were weenies? Sure, but I've been on calls with many hundreds more that were respectful, professional, and even compassionate. I find your outlook no different than choosing to believe that one entire race or nationality is scum because others have commited crimes or whatever. People are individuals, even if they belong to a group the decisions they make are their own.

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    If I read the story right, the EMT vehicle did not have it's lights on???

    Why would that be?

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