Fixing the carpet

Fixing the carpet

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Thread: Fixing the carpet

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    Fixing the carpet

    Anyone know how to fix a patch of carpet that got ruined?

    My cat got locked in the dining room for the day and tore up the carpet under the door trying to get out. Now I have a huge hole there.

    I've looked on Google about carpet repair, but I am by no means an expert, and do not understand much of what they say to do. I am handy and can generally figure things out (plumbing issues, electrical, minor maintenance etc...)

    I have some spare carpet in the basement left over from when it was put in, and I know that I have to cut out the damaged area and do something with an iron. That's the extent of my knowledge on carpet replacement. Does anyone have any pointers or quick solutions to fix it quick?


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    I'm no carpet guy but here are some thoughts from my experiences:

    Carpet is often ironed together to make seams, so it is feasible that your leftover scraps could be used for that purpose. The type, color, and sculpture of your carpet will have a bearing on how noticeable the patch will be. IOW sometimes it's easy to spot the seams and sometimes it's not. Lot's of carpet does slightly change color, fade, wear & tear over time, so keep that in mind when inserting a "new" piece for a patch.

    I wonder if your carpet could be re-stretched and enough slack taken out of the doorway to make a new seam under the door there and totally eliminate the area that the cat damaged?

    Stop by a carpet place and talk to an installer (the sales people would want to sell you a house of new ). The installer has probably seen that type of animal damage before. If all else fails you might consider putting down some sort of "fashionable threshhold under that door, it would probably cover up the damaged place.

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    move piece of furniture over spot..done

    On a serious note..I have no idea.

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    Make sure you have enough extra carpet to patch, cut out damage.
    Place larger then area cut piece of replacement carpet under old carpet filling the hole.
    Using your cut out area as a template now cut your patch.
    Hot tape and staple in place.
    If possible go with wood floors.
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    To add...make sure when you do get the patch in, that the grain of the carpet is going the same direction... Yes carpet has a tendency to have a grain, even if it all looks the same.

    test it. Use your shoe to scrape a section of the carpet down flat. Then run your shoe the other direction. Notice the difference? You need to make sure you get the patch in so that it lays the same as the preexisting stuff around it. Otherwise when you or the wifey go to say...vacuum, it's going to look goofy.

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    Go to a carpet shop and get the tape stuff, cut the patch out and hot seam it. It will be noticeable when you finish, but not horrible.

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    Some things are worth hiring a professional to do. This is one of those things. Done well, you'll never see the repair. It shouldn't cost too much.

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    throw a rug over it
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