Well, ain't that nerve racking,

Well, ain't that nerve racking,

This is a discussion on Well, ain't that nerve racking, within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Or what could a law abiding citizen have done with an estimated $5000 dollar street value of cocaine? First, some background: I bought a "new" ...

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Thread: Well, ain't that nerve racking,

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    Well, ain't that nerve racking,

    Or what could a law abiding citizen have done with an estimated $5000 dollar street value of cocaine?

    First, some background: I bought a "new" (used) car back in October of 2005. I bought it from a large dealership who are supposed to go over the car, clean it, and then set it up for sale.

    Well, it was clean at least. I've been driving this car everyday since I bought it. I'd looked it over and it was/is as clean as you would expect a "new" used car to be.

    Had a flat tonight. Got out the spare and put it on. So far so good right? Well, the car was "pulling" over to the side that the spare was on, no problem, it's one of those donut things right. No problems, no worries.

    It was still early and the tire store that I goto was still open. I went there and had the tire fixed (nail hole). But damn if it wasn't taking more than the average 15 or so minutes. I'm in the waiting room, thumbing through a field and stream, no worries. 9mm in the fanny pack, .38spl strapped to my ankle.

    Three LEO's enter the store and go to the counter. No big deal, cop car got a flat and so they are there to get it fixed. No problems right.

    Then they call my name, car is ready. I put down the mag and walk up to the counter.

    I have NO clue how I ended up on the floor. I didn't even see the LEO's come up on me (I was in white because of the LEO's being there).

    Handcuffed, both guns removed from my person, me in a kind of condition. I don't even think that I even said a word during the whole deal.

    I was put into a car and then explained why and what happened. So this is what I learned:

    The spare donut, had cocaine in it. Bagged and ready to be delieverd. Hence the reason that it was pulling the car, it was acting as a weight. I was told that it was an estimated $5000 worth (I have no clue what amount this would be, I'm not into such things and don't know crap about drugs).

    I got sick to my stomach, I'd been carrying drugs in my car for all these months, didn't even know.

    Well, guess who was the prime suspect... yuppers, yours truly. They ran me on the computer and ran my CHL as well. Luckily I have a bad habit of leaving paperwork on each car that I buy inside the car so they verified that I had just bought it. The spare, they figured, hadn't been moved in over a year because of the stain levels where the tire had rubbed the compartment (hey, I don't know, I was just overhearing this stuff).

    I also found out the story (life) of the car. It was a Hertz rental car in Florida which was sold at auction. The people that bought it before me lived in Washington (State) and it was repo'ed from them. The "man of the house" turns out to be in the WA state pen serving 25 years... charge, drug dealing.

    And I'm the lucky scmuck that ended up buying the car. 10,500 dollars with a little "special" something in the trunk .

    They came to the conclusion that it wasn't mine. They asked if they could have (for evidence) the donut spare, hell, I would have given them the car at that point. The only wanted the tire. They can keep it for all I care.

    I did learn a few things though, the owner of a major car dealership can be reached at night, no matter where they are. When police are asking questions, information can be obtained quickly, and the police can track down information quickly if they wish.

    Me, I learned that when you buy a "new" used car, get it checked. I didn't know that the OSP will run a dog through your car for $25. I was informed after the fact so it didn't help me much at the time. I also learned that 3 shots of tequila does clam the nerves abit and I also learned that things can happen that we don't expect.

    I was returned my guns as well as released. I'm still "on call" for any questions which is fine with me. The only thing that I lost was my spare donut tire, I don't care. They did do a "free" search of my car with the dog for me, it's now clean. It's going to cost me about $25 dollars to replace the spare anyway.

    Well, that was my night and I'm going to bed. This "old man" (37) has had enough excitement for one night .

    So if anyone has a "new" used car that they just bought, the money to have it checked is worth it as far as I'm concerned.


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    Geez, Wayne, if it wasn't for bad luck, you wouldn't have any luck at all!

    At least they didn't impound your car.

    Seriously, I'm glad you came out of this fiasco standing up.

    Short lived drug running career, huh?

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    Dang, that sucks, but atleast you could prove it wsn't your drugs.
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    So, other than that, how did the rest of your day go?

    Man, what a nightmare! Sounds like you got a good cardio workout there...I'm not sure that 3 shots of Cuervo would be enough to slow my heart down.
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    Sorry to say it but thats a little funny. Don't you think. I bet the LEOs got a small laugh out of scaring the crap out of some normal guy trying to get his flat fixed. I know I would have messed myself and my heart would still be pounding.

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    Well - yes there are two sides to this - now!!!

    Initially Wayne I can totally identify - pucker was probably not even a strong enough term!! You were tho the totally innocent party and thank heaven that was easily proven. Makes me wonder what all else some folks may have in their newly aquired used vehicle!

    The other side tho - now it is over and hopefully your pulse rate has dropped to safe levels - is a hint of chuckle as yes, probably those cops initially thought they had made their bust of the day - only to realize they had scared the crap out of some poor dude - you!!!

    Not trying to belittle the experience, one bit tho - so don't misunderstand - but once the dust has settled it has to be something to raise a grin - certainly damn good ''conversation piece''.

    Not for sure, the everyday event in the life of any Mr Regular Joe, that's for sure. Glad tho all was Ok in the end.
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    I am not taking pot shots at LEOs, but maybe at their supervisors. Just how stupid do they think drug dealers are? Would you drive into your favorite tire store and ask the people to repair the flat and check the spare because the car is pull to the side the spare is on if you had X amount of cocaine in the spare? Anybody with the sense of a rat wouldn't. So the supervisor who sent the 3 officers to arrest this dangerous, but dumb as a post drug dealer couldn't figure that out. As much as I appreciate our LEOs, I would be more than a little upset with a police department for sending these officers out to take down a drug dealer when 5 minutes of discussion could have resolved the whole thing to everyone's satisfaction and Wayne would not have had to suffer through the humiliation he did. His coronary health would be a lot better as well. I understand that the LEOs did not know what the suspect might do, but there are other ways to handle the situation.

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    I have a friend who is a cop and PO in Chicago. He has some of the funniest stories about criminals and ex-cons you have ever heard. But sad to say, most criminals ARE as "dumb as a post", because if they were smart they wouldn't be criminals or they wouldn't get caught.

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    Guy walks into 7-11, asks for job aplication. Fills it out partway, then robs store. Cops go to address on application, find criminal at home.

    Nope, it would NOT suprise me for a drug mule to do something like that.
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    I was told that it was an estimated $5000 worth (I have no clue what amount this would be, I'm not into such things and don't know crap about drugs).
    I just asked my best buddy, our guess is around 50 grams street value. Depending on the area. Neither of us are into that crap eather , but far too many people in our age group are.
    We are just good old fashioned drinkers.

    I’m so glad everything worked out well for you!

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    Well all in all I think you got very lucky, Other then the traumatic expierience of being put on the ground and all else, There are a lot of places you cou8ld have been where the Leo's would not have let you explain you would have been cuffed, stuffed and locked up leaving you to post bail hire a lawyer etc. Just to prove you were a innocent law abiding citizen.

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    Wow too bad it had to happen, but thanks for sharing LOL
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    Maybe he printed slightly when he stood up. It is one of the times it's hard not to. This would have put said LEOs on alert, hence the throw down.

    Kinda like Texas Highway Patrols...Shoot first, ask questions later.
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    Glad to hear it worked out ok. When I was helping out a friend who flipped cars I always wondered what the heck a drug dog would find in some of them.

    BGs are pretty stupid sometimes. At the gun shop there was actually one who answered yes to being a fugitive from justice. I guess he figured if he was honest about it he would get the gun?


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