I did a bit of reminiscing as my father left me when I was 4 years old and I saw him sporadically until I was 18. God blessed me with a wonderful step-father that
bring me back to this father's day.It's been 3 years since I've lost my step father
and it's been a difficult time for me coping with the loss.His lot in life was to raise other people children as he ended up marrying another women with 7 kids.My mon died at 44 so when he died of heart disease at 74 he raised 3 families or 12
kids and was loved all his step kids.I remember two weeks before he died he told
me he was tired and it was time for him to go and be with the rest of his family.
I told him he had put up a good fight and I loved him and we'd be ok and we would miss him until it was my turn.I asked him to take care of my son,fill everybody in and say hey.He said he would I visited him two more times at lunch
time and he was gone!