Lucky man survives crash

Lucky man survives crash

This is a discussion on Lucky man survives crash within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; with only minor injuries.

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Thread: Lucky man survives crash

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    Lucky man survives crash

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    I wouldn't remember the accident either! Holy cow!
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    Chance in a million Bruce - one very lucky guy.

    As he says - he now has a new Audi sales pitch
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    That guy has to be the luckiest SOB around! WOW!!

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    I see the Germans are still building quality tanks
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    Jeepers creepers. He's one lucky guy.
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    He credits the car design, my daughter was in a big crash a few years back, her Ford Ranger broad sided a full sized Chevy PU, 18 year old kid with a new birthay gift, blowing off a red light, while makeing a illegal left turn. Her Ranger destroyed the Chevy, it went up in a ball of fire, driver and girl friend survied with burns, daughters PU went from 55-0 in 5 feet and all she recieved was a bruse from the restraint system. Front end sacrificed and left the entire pasenger compartment intact, didn't even crack the windshield or mess with the door alignment, fire depatment and police were amazed.
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    I saw that on the news and had just assumed that he was dead, but to see him. WOW.
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    The guys probably right..not that a huge amount of luck wasn't involved. Just think of some of the more notable NASCAR accidents you've seen. Car totally demolished, nothing left...except the protected passenger cage, and the driver gets away with just minor injuries. Think of the sales pitch he'll have now!!
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