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Thread: 2010 Census

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    Why is "Hispanic Origin" and "Race" separate questions?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Paco View Post
    Why is "Hispanic Origin" and "Race" separate questions?
    Because not all Mexicans can run that fast.................

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    Quote Originally Posted by miklcolt45 View Post
    Okay, help me out. What am I missing?

    The form clearly states that the 2010 census will be short form only. The American Community Survey will be done at some homes (not sure when and by whom), and I am not certain that there is any requirement by law to comply and answer the questions.

    So, which is it? Short form for everybody/ACSurvey for some but NOT the census? Or, is the ACS the Census by another name, and still required by law to answer the questions?

    Anyone know this answer?
    Looks like the website has the answer

    The ACS will go to a "small percentage" of home. It is a law that you must fill it out or face up to a $5000 fine according to the website.
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    I noticed the changed the fine from not more than 100. to not more than 5,000. Because they already know alot of people are going to tell them to

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    I am planning on borrowing my friends Great Danes that day in case ACORN comes by, they weigh more than I do, and can leap tall fences in a single bound. They not only look like horses they eat like them too, they are particularly fond of nutz :)
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    As to ACORN, most of us will not see anyone from ACORN as we live in more afluent, predominatlt white areas. ACORN will be in the inner cities counting the uncountable ( so who can say if their numbers are falsely inflated)

    And I say again NOYFB is an answer for the ACS.

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    While they are at your front door better make sure you back door is locked.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paco View Post
    Why is "Hispanic Origin" and "Race" separate questions?
    Probably because there are white hispanics, black hispanics, asian hispanics, indigenous hispanics..etc. Contrary to popular belief, we're not all Mexican (or illegal) Just a guess, I could be wrong.

    I'd be surprised if anyone came out where I live in the country, even the Jehovahs Witness and the Mormon kids on bikes don't come out here, not worth it for the few people and the distances between homes. A stupid lady did come out and GPS my house, even though Rufus was outside her car barking. I don't know how she missed that, just glad I could save her in time.

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    F350, they are likely to miss me again because of the poverty in this area. For me, "wealth" is having the quarters to hit the pay showers.

    Paco, "Hispanic" is not a race. I know a number of Mexicans who dislike being lumped in with the Cubans, who dislike being lumped in with the Hondurans, who dislike being lumped in with ...

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    Last time around they "required" that I fill out the long form. Of course since I was bashing about in a sailboat full time they didn't even get name, rank and serial number. They kept sending nasty letters to my forwarding service as well. If they find me this time I'm docked and they get the minimum, nothing else. Oh, and ACORN nor anyone else is likely to get past the locked security gate at the marina for any interviews with me or my fellow full time boaters.
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    I had my heart set on being a hyphenated American the last time around. I wanted to be German- American but it wasn't a choice. I felt that I wasn't wanted in the country. Like I didn't count.


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