Does someone in your house Twitter?

Does someone in your house Twitter?

This is a discussion on Does someone in your house Twitter? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Since the Iran Thing I have been looking into twitter, and it is frightening. People tweet (I think that is the right term) when they ...

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Thread: Does someone in your house Twitter?

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    Does someone in your house Twitter?

    Since the Iran Thing I have been looking into twitter, and it is frightening.

    People tweet (I think that is the right term) when they leave home, when they arrive at school, what they are having at lunch. One girl I know (18) tells everyone when she is working, she lives alone in an apartment. (i.e. when to steal everything she owns 2-11pm, when to show up for a rape at 11pm when she gets off work.) These kids go to liberal colleges where the crook is just a victim of society, and you should believe in the goodness of man. These sites apparently have a useful purpose but the kids don’t seem to understand how dangerous it can be.
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    NO. I dont twitter,facebook, blah, blah, blah. The only thing on the net I am a "part of" is DC.
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    I personally think these things are ruining American's sense of communication and interaction with people.

    I only recently started up on FaceBook to see if I could reconnect with old friends I may want to talk to again, but have lost touch. Many others live on these sites and communicate with these vast groups of unknown people via written words instead of spoken words and relational communication.

    Wait a minute, isn't this board comprised of many unknown people who only communicate via postings and not spoken conversations?

    Dang it, there goes my argument...

    Um, no we don't have any Tweets in my house, but my kids sometimes act like twits. Does that count?
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    I have a twitter account, but rarely tweet. I don't see the point in telling EVERYONE what I am doing at all times...
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    Some people seem to spill the guts on these sites. Sometimes it gets pretty stupid.

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    My only 'twittering' is when I drink too much coffee...that causes 'twitters', right?
    I'm getting too old for this technical stuff...
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    Twitter is for twits. As are all the other social networking sites.

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    Nope. Other than the 2A forums, I prefer face-to-face communications.

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    I have some Gouldain and Zebra Finches that Twitter.

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    Twitter is a great tool for promotion. I use it to help advertise what my band is doing and what shows they are playing. Also, sales on merchandise and whatnot.

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    Me and a colleague at work were discussing the twits and he said "it's your basic stalk me network". And from what he said and you guys are saying that is exactly what it is as well as a recipe for disaster. 0.02
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    NO WAY!!!!.. I think that should be

    But then again,. Criminals need there info??? Without that they would have to put the time in to getting out in person and stalking,.. This way they can just sit back and learn it all from the comforts of there home.. ????

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    Suprised that people dont add alarm codes and passwords

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    yep, twittering here. why?

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    I twittered for a while and quit. It's ok when you have interesting people saying interesting things but usually it just devolves into inane stupid posts in TXT. Too much effort too little return.

    Lately I've been pulling back from my online networks, pulling stuff offline and rearranging my various IDs.

    There's nothing wrong with social networking. It's still just communication and like all communication you can be an idiot and tell folks waaaaaaayyyy more than you should.

    Only difference is now you can tell the whole world what a fool you are in the time it used to take to tell one person.

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