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    I have worn Oakley sunglasses for 8 years now. I have worn them shooting, playing golf, boating, fishing, hunting, playing golf, softball, etc. A lot of people ask why I would pay so much for sunglasses, so besides the durability, clarity, weight, looks, etc, here are two other reasons why.

    My wife snapped the leg off of her Oakleys a couple of months ago and I finally got around to calling about them a couple of weeks ago. For $29 they replaced the entire frame of the sunglasses. It only took them 2 weeks round trip. I know that seems a long time but remember it wasn't a warranty repair. Those glasses were a good bit over $100 new.

    Thinking about how easy that whole process was, I found my broken pair of M Frames that are about 8 years old now. They got sat on a couple of years ago and one of the legs snapped off. I put them away and pretty much forgot about them until today. I called Oakley today and not only did they offer to replace the frames with the current model for $40, they also gave me the option of replacing the entire pair of sunglasses for the current model for $70. The cheapest pair of M Frames, standard black on black starts at $110. I will get the new Blue Iridium lenses and whatever color lense I decide on which usually costs around $160.

    I know that is a long story and I am rambling a bit but I just thought that was excellent customer service. With most other companies I would have been paying full price on another pair of glasses.

    Anybody else wear them?

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    Haven't had any as yet but that sure is good service.

    Trouble is I wear glasses full time and so am somewhat limited as to choice - I must say tho I would use a pair of good quality clip-ons - if I could find ones to suit - most i have tried just don't work that well.

    When biking I resort to using tinted safety glasses - and these fit over my regular glasses so work pretty well.
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    I'm in same boat as P95. People who have to wear prescription lenses need not apply in regards to a lot of good eyewear!

    Gargoyles used to make these frames that accomadated prescription lenses but that was years ago. You ordered this frame and then took it into an eyeglass place and they could grind the lenses and set them. Expensive yes but you got a good pair of sunglasses. If they still made them, I'd get some.

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    Actually you guys are in luck- they have a pretty good selection of lenses that can be adapted for prescription inserts. They have advertised that for years.

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    Definately good customer service. I'll keep that in mind if I ever decide to buy a fancy pair (right now I wear the $15 ones from wally-world or the gas-station).
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    i have 2 pair of Raybans........got em for 30 bucks each..............about the 1980 Era........they still work very well
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    I bought a pair of Oakleys when I was headed for the desert, (the ballistic resistant pair), when I didn't go I started to wear them and now I love them.
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    I tend to get too physical while outdoors. I like the $13 walmart glasses for most applications. Last summer is a good example. I was kayaking and playing in the downstream whit water of a dam/ power station. While inspecting the river bottom my glasses were pushed off my head. Gone forever. Had they been $100 + glasses , I would have felt sick.
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    Oakleys were my sunglass of choice until I got pissed about losing a pair. So I started shopping around.
    You can get good deals from internet sites such as campmor out of New Jersey.
    For you folks that have access to BIG 5 sporting good stores, they have a series of sales thru out the year on glasses. The biggest in late summer. I have 2 pair of Serengeti's that were a retail of about $160 each that I picked up for $30 a pair.
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    It would be costly for me to buy expensive sunglasses (or get a pair of frames), I go through about 5 clip-ons every summer (also in the boat with Chris). I either lose them or I end up tearing them up some how (Lets just say, if I wasn't forced to wear glasses I would be blind by now, seems like everything tries to go for my eyes :( ).



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