ammo shortage?

This is a discussion on ammo shortage? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; has anybody else noticed that some places, cheaperthandirt, outdoormarksman, midway, etc. seem to be out of a lot of ammo? not just one caliber or ...

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Thread: ammo shortage?

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    ammo shortage?

    has anybody else noticed that some places, cheaperthandirt, outdoormarksman, midway, etc. seem to be out of a lot of ammo?
    not just one caliber or type, but a lot of different cals./types.
    i hope i don't have to cut back on my shooting .

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    I hope I haven't caused it. I've been stocking up as of late. I've bought about 5000 rounds over the last few months.
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    I buy all of my 9mm at Academy Sports. They used to sell a box of 50 CCI Blazer 115gr. FMJ's for $3.86 (with no case discount). They have since raised the price to $4.86. Wal-Mart is perpetually low on the 22 LR I like.

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    i always stop by academy when i'm in pensacola (closest one), and i get some from wally world IF they have any.
    i prefer umc for practice and federal classic/gold dot for carry but most of my online places are out. they're even out of .380.
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    Does seem some stuff is less plentiful - been some mutterings about 7.62x39 being harder to get plus costs more. Glad I have a coupla spare cases as yet untouched.

    I try to pick up 9mm whenever I can - just ordinary for practice and IDPA. Plus keep a lot of consumables so I can load a few thou if needed.
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    I've seen the same problem here in the Milwaukee area. Also have seen about a 5% price increase in the last week.
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    I think inflation is catching up... plus the glory days of surplus ammo are over, and it's coming back on us.

    High quality reloads from outfit like Georgia Arms and Lancer Custom Ammunition and target ammo like Wolf and Bernaul makes are about the only thing to look out for now in inexpensive ammunition.

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    I noticed at the gun show this last weekend a large shortage of ammo for sale. I thought it was just this show.

    Humm. May have to think about hoarding some more.
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    On 7.62x39 there has been some troubles with the supply. From what I gathered in other boards, the Russians are filling major military contracts around the world and our civilian market is suffering accordingly. is still selling, but your wait time might be longer than expected and prices have gone up. I got my first 1,000 round batch of 7.62x39 for $80 and now I can't find it anywhere for under $119.
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    The store has had a shortage of shelf stock............most calibers and if we have it, it's on low amounts........
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    I too have noticed less ammo on the shelves. I have bought quite a bit from
    If you like Fiocchi, they have great prices on handgun ammo.

    They also sell a lot of Milsurp ammo.

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