Phoenix Gun Show or Any Gun Show Question

Phoenix Gun Show or Any Gun Show Question

This is a discussion on Phoenix Gun Show or Any Gun Show Question within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; While my wife was sitting in her CCW class, my 15 yr old son and I went to the Phoenix gun show. What I don't ...

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Thread: Phoenix Gun Show or Any Gun Show Question

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    Phoenix Gun Show or Any Gun Show Question

    While my wife was sitting in her CCW class, my 15 yr old son and I went to the Phoenix gun show.

    What I don't get, when you enter, there is a sign that no loaded guns are allowed. Why is this the case if you want to do something bad, all you have to do is load it right there and do your carnage.

    There was not a safe place where a person can unholster his firearm safely, remove the clip and unchamber the round. There should of been a location for a person to do this before entering the building.

    I was at a lost as what I should do and where I can unload my pistol safely. There were people everywhere comming and going in the building, outside the building and felt it was not safe to unload my gun with that many people around. I felt bad and just kept my pistol in my holster
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    They claim it is for “insurance purposes” but I think that is a load of crap. They also claim it is for safety but we are the people that have been trained to carry a gun safely. I look at it this way; there are hundreds, perhaps thousands of gun shows every year. There are probably tens of millions of people that attend and a lot, who knows how many, with permits. How many times have you heard of a gun going off at one of these shows? It happens sure but the percentage is miniscule. Why do I have to pay the price for a very rare occurrence? We are the people that must be trusted by the gun community. Otherwise the antis have won with our help.

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    I think for CHL carry it's BS,but I think it's mainly for anybody carrying in a gun due to the fact there are people who have walked into gun shows with loaded firearms they were looking to sale or trade and have had accidents happen.I was at a gun show with a friend and we were standing at a dealers table a couple years ago,he looked at the guns and asked the guy hey can i see that shotgun,he picked it up and racked 4 live shotgun shells out of it,he saw a glint of brass in the mag tube,the dealer almost #$%^,he had just bought it from a guy and never checked the chamber,anybody walking by that picked that gun up and pulled the trigger woulda discharged a round
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    We had a firearm ischarge at the local show a few years ago, now you can't even take ammo into the show (I know, you can buy it in there, but them,'s the rules)

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