Ghost stories

Ghost stories

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Thread: Ghost stories

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    Ghost stories

    Anyone have any?
    When I was about 8 years old I guess I woke up in the middle of the night to see a strange woman standing over me as if she were "tucking me in" . I remember as if it were yesterday and it was 28 years ago, that's the impression it made on me, scared me silly. Years later I told my grandma about it and she said the woman I described sounded like her mother who died shortly before I was born. After seeing pictures of her I too believed it was her.

    When I was 10 my grandpa died. Several weeks later I again woke up in the middle of the night, this time to see my grandpa sitting at the foot of my bed messing with his shoes or something, I mean he was really there it seemed. Even though it was my grandpa it scared me bad. I never told anyone about this until just a few years ago.

    Both times I just closed my eyes tight and stayed that way until I had the courage to reopen them, and both times they were gone. I mean these weren't some vapor images in the form of a body, these were almost like real people, very strange.

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    Um, not a 'ghost story', but this is the closest I can come up with right now. I still remember the event in detail.

    When I was about 5 years old we went to a family friend's house to visit (my parents, myself, siblings). We parked approximately 250 feet away from the house, on the street. For whatever reason, my mother left her purse, containing a large sum of cash, in the car as we went up to the house. I remember her debating whether to bring it or leave it. I don't think we were planning on staying long.

    As we stood on the porch talking on that summer morning, a suspicious character walked down the street and proceeded to eyeball our car. He was wearing a big warm puffy quilted coat that was not appropriate for the temperature. I recall now that he was the reason we did not enter the house -- we stayed on the porch to make it obvious that we were watching him. I think he was just pacing back and forth and loitering in the area instead of going on his way. There wasn't anything around, except the car.

    This particular residential street was a bit unique in that the property behind our friend's house was a National Guard armory or storage lot of some kind and military type vehicles such as armored personel carriers or half tracks could sometimes be seen parked behind the tall chain link fence that separated the armory from the neighborhood. Concertina wire or razor wire topped the fence for added security. The armory property was on a small hill and higher in elevation by about 15 feet. Below the fence was typical government landscaping, perhaps barkdust and cover plants and the ground sloped rapidly down toward the back yard of the house.

    As we were watching the guy in the puffy coat, my mother uttered some small prayer, probably something to do with the money in the car. I could not see very well since I was so young and turned around on the front porch until I was facing the armory fence behind and to the side of the house. I had a diagonal line of sight towards the armory. I noticed a man standing on the hill, on our side of the fence. and nearer to our car by about half. He appeared to be about 50 years old and had grey hair.

    This older guy was just standing there, looking out towards our car, his arms at his sides, and with a casual and confident demeanor. What was most interesting, even to me at 5 years old, was his clothing. He wore a spectacular golden tuxedo. No, not some kind of hideous Elvis flashy monstrosity, but simply the single most impressive and regal suit of clothes I had ever seen and still have ever seen. I stared at him for a few seconds, wondering who he was and I thought my parents would be interested in him too, since they were making a big deal of the first guy.

    I turned back to my mother and said "Mom, who's that guy?" I had to repeat myself to be heard. She asked me who I was talking about and I pointed over towards him. She turned around toward the fence and didn't see anyone so she asked me again who I was talking about. As I looked again, he was not there. There was the tall fence behind him and open ground in front of him. It would have been impossible to hide.

    We ended up going towards the car and the guy in the puffy coat walked off quickly and went elsewhere. At the time I was too young to understand that I had just seen an angel. No, angels don't actually have wings (at least I didn't notice any), but they do seem to have skilled tailors.

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    Got some too....
    My bedroom in the home I was raised in had a ghost that liked little kids, saw him several times when I was very young. No one else could sleep in that room either....

    Also where I live now the old guy that built the house did not like our presence when I first moved here. Woke up one night to see someone standing at the foot of the bed, grabbed my .45 and aimed thinking it was a burglar, but did not shoot because it did not look quite right.
    That and my stereo was in line of fire.... After about half a minute the figure sort of waivers and like smoke disappeared.
    Damn darn near shot my sound system, but he never fooled me agin... Now he just thumps around in the attic...
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    My wife's best friend family is from Translyvia. Will not dream about their close friends but their friends friend if that makes sense. Always comes true. Her husband is a LEO and she will tell him what happened with his day of work before he does. Weird, really weird stuff. I have seen John Edward several times and can not make up with mind if he is for real or on a fishing trip hoping somebody will bite.

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    A few weeks ago I was drinking at my friend's house. I got pretty drunk, and woke up drunk still the next morning, so I'm pretty sure it was alcohol induced...

    I wake up in the middle of the night to someone shaking my leg. I look up and in the dark, I see someone standing over me. He's just standing there. I figure it's my friend, so I say "what's up Jeff?" I didn't get any reply. He just stood there. I grab my phone for some light, and when I shine it, the person is gone.

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    I have had experiences similar to the OP's and others in this thread. Middle of the night, unknown person in the room, disappears, etc. In most of my "sightings" the person looks like a real person with distinct features but is "hazy" in appearance. I have never recognized any of these characters but in ALL of my incidents the "person" has attempted to interact in some manner. (by looking at me, waving, appearing to be puzzled or confused, trying to talk, etc.)

    I still experience this type of thing both at night and during the day on very rare occasions. These sightings have the same type of appearance anomalies which I cannot explain other than to say that the "people" appear "ghostly." And, while the sightings are weird, they have never caused any actual harm to anyone I know of. Other than being emotionally disturbing that is.

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    Something tells me in a couple days somebodys gonna post they shot what they thought was a burglar but all that happened was there was a bullet in the wall
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    Quote Originally Posted by dukalmighty View Post
    Something tells me in a couple days somebodys gonna post they shot what they thought was a burglar but all that happened was there was a bullet in the wall
    I've actually come close to doing that, posted about it before. I had just got home from a shooting I was involved in at work, took the dogs out... and about shot my neighbors house. Nothing was there but my own shadow. Being hyped up and armed isnt the best of things.
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    I've known some VERY serious, reasonable, honest people tell me of events that I don't question occurred.

    My son however, kept talking to someone he "saw" late at night in his bedroom when he was very young. He said it was a kid. He would even tell me what they talked about, etc. It did not fit the imagined friend scenario.....

    Just ahead 25 years. One day I'm sitting there .... and this girl ..... as clear as day walks from the kitchen... thru the TV room... to my bedroom.. which is connected with his old bedroom. The problem, uh... I live alone and no one else was here.

    It was not a shadow and not just a glimpse.... it looked just like any person would .... only , there was no other person there. She walked with 5 ft of me. She had long brown hair, pale white skin, a green knee length dress with white poka dots on it, white shoes with the little strap that goes across the top of the shoe and looked to be about 10 yrs old. Never saw her face. I went thru the entire house, closets and all... and found nothing. It fit his description of the "ghost kid" that he said he was always talking to..... I told him about this and he laughed at me (he's 35 now) and said... "see.... I wasn't kidding you at all about what I saw". He still swears to it all being real.

    freaked me out.

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    I could type for quite sometime about this, but the three most memorable events that have happened to me was when I was a kid in Escondido Ca, I would wake up every night to go to the bathroom. I would see a man standing in the living room dressed in chains and tattered medieval clothing. It scared me bad every time.

    Second was in a house in Santa Ana, Ca. I was in the kitchen, with my bro, his wife at the time and my wife. My sis in law at the time and I saw the same thing at the same time. Middle of the day, a guy just walks down the hallway that the kitchen is next to. I was just about to say something when she said "did you see that?" Clear as day!! It was a kind of rough neighborhood, with gunfire a very common occurrence, so who knows?

    The third most memorable event was about ten years ago, when I was living in the Portland area. I was standing in the living room and I saw a girl of about 5 or 6 walk by and go up the stairs to the room I slept in. I saw her clearly and yet saw through her. I don't remember what she was wearing other than a dress, maybe a dusky blue dress with white knee high socks and black shoes. I guess I do remember. The freaky thing about it is that I woke up that night and I couldn't breathe. I just sat straight up gasping for air. This continued while I lived there and rarely occurred in other places I lived. It hasn't happened for sometime, thankfully. It never happened prior to that.

    I have had kind of a weird life, too many really strange things in my life to count on.
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    When you are woken up while in REM sleep, your brain keeps dreaming for about 10 seconds after you are 'awake'. It is quite common to think you see something in that time and then suddenly it is gone.

    There are many possible causes of hallucination while wide awake, also. Carbon monoxide and extreme lack of sleep both occur frequently. If I saw something inexplicable while fully awake the first thing I would do is check the CO detector. Many 'haunted' places have been investigated and a leaky old furnace was found to be the cause. Another major cause is sleeping pills: in a decent percentage of the population, sleeping pills can cause both 'waking dreams' and sleepwalking.

    If I there were no other explanation and this happened frequently, it would probably be a good idea to go to the hospital and get an MRI to make sure you don't have a brain tumor.

    I'm not saying I know there is nothing 'real' out there to see, just that there are many plausible explanations for this sort of thing other than ghosts. I have personally never experienced something that could not be explained rationally.
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    In 1975 my grandfather passed away. He had a few things he loved very much. They were in this order. His wife, his youngest daughter and his car. On his deathbed he made my Dad promise him to NOT let the youngest daughter's new husband whom he did not like at all drive his beloved car. He also made my Dad promise to be certain that his beloved car was the first car behind the hearse containing his body. My Dad kept all my Grandfathers requests. Shortly after the funeral this is where the story gets a little spooky. This ACTUALLY happened!

    Around one month after my grandfather died my grandmother sold the car my grandfather loved so much to the youngest daughter. Of course the son-in-law drove the car almost all the time. When my grandfather owned this car he took great pride in his car. He'd polish it every Sunday and would have it at the garage for routine maintenance like clockwork. This car ran great. My brothers & sister enjoyed many rides to get ice cream with Granddad in his car.

    Once my late aunt & her husband (SIL) had this car it never ran right ever again! This car within weeks of taking possession of it they only had problems with it. They would replace parts and the car never seemed to run very well for them. They could not figure out why the car that ran so well was now constantly breaking down. One day while they my late aunt & her husband (SIL) were sleeping the car mysteriously caught fire and burned up in their driveway. This is really where you will find it a bit creepy.

    Two months after the car burnt up in their driveway my late aunt was doing the dishes in her kitchen sink. She suddenly looked up and looked out the window and saw something that shocked her. It was her father (my grandfather) driving by her apartment in his car that had burnt up 2 months earlier. Suddenly the car slowed down, my late grandfather turned his head and looked up at his favorite daugher and gave her a look she had never seen before as long as she had known her dad. According to my late aunt my late grandfather was wearing his favorite hat at well. Then my late grandfather turned straight ahead again and slowly drove away in his car!

    My late aunt told my entire family about this incident in our living room during one visit. This made the hair on the back of our necks stand up. And she was as serious as a heart attack!

    Two months later my Aunt was murdered by someone who strangled her to death. The police caught this guy and sentenced him to a lengthy prison sentence.

    The story as the family tells it is that with 4 months of my Grandfathers passing he took two of the things he loved the most with him after he passed away. His car mysteriously burnt up and his favorite daughter was murdered.

    Strange but true!
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    I grew up in a house that had a “permanent” resident. The wife of the man who built the house in 1872 was school teacher and loved children but never had any of her own (the towns history mentions her quite often with regards to always helping out less fortunate families and their children). I recall, as a child, often seeing a lady sitting in the rocking chair in my room and there always being the smell of lilies-of-the-valley when she was there. Fast forward 18yrs or so and I’m back in the house with my toddler daughter and I put her to bed in my old room, tucked in and with her stuffed rabbit. You parents know this next routine, child throws stuffed animal from crib, child fusses, you go in, put it back and child does it again, etc. After a few go rounds of this when she fussed yet again I went upstairs and peeked in and sure enough bun-bun was on the floor but she was already back to sleep so I left it there and headed back downstairs. Here’s the bit I still smile about, half way down the stairs I smell lilies-of-the-valley (mind you, it’s the middle of the winter in NJ) so I go back up and peek in and sure enough, bun-bun is back in the crib, my old rocking chair is moving ever so slightly and the room is filled with the smell of the flowers. I just looked at that rocking chair, smiled and thanked Tess for picking up that silly rabbit yet again.
    Then, about 9yrs ago I was back there visiting with the new owners of the house when Bonnie asks me if, having grown up there, I ever thought it was haunted. When I asked her why she said her son sometimes talked about seeing a lady in his room and that she smelled like flowers. I just smiled and told her about Tess. It seems like even after a 120+ yrs she’s still keeping an eye on the children in that house.
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    Many people try to explain them all away... and believe me , I was the skeptics of skiptics. But how do you explain it away when 3 people all see the same thing at same time ..... a girl (teenage) walk in the front doorway and across a 40 ft dining room and thru the wall ? None of them were waking up from a sleep, they were in a facility checking out the renovations.... it had been a facility for pregnant teenagers.

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    Heres mine,about 10 years ago I helped a buddy move to a new to him,old house.He joked about it being haunted,said the owner told him it was and thats why the rent was so cheap.It is still a nice place,quiet country road,next to the Northeast Cape Fear river near a old ferry crossing/country store.MY GF was packin up the old house,Dan and I driveng and carrying stuff in and out (the curse of pickup owners) his GF unpackin and setting up in new house.

    Dans GF tells us to stop playing games making odd noises moveing stuff she just set up,hiding stuff she just moved only to put it back a secod later,she is already spooked about the house anyway.The next load we bring back she is sittin on backporch crying and shaking.I did not have a pistol back then but carried a coachgun everywhere I went and grabbed it on instinct at seeing her face,we cleared the house and calmed her down,to this day she wont talk about that incident.

    After all was moved the ladies made dinner Dan and I went for beer,we stayed over because of too many beers/long way home/late/tired,all thru the night noises kept us up,something kept pulling the covers off the bed and the voices that said "leave" they tried to stay a month but the problems got worse.I tried to stay with them one more time so Dan an I could get up early to go hunting and was actually shoved off the porch with nothing around 3 times,I slept in the truck and we helped them move the next week.
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