Motorcycle Zen and the art of gratitude

Motorcycle Zen and the art of gratitude

This is a discussion on Motorcycle Zen and the art of gratitude within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; As some of you know, we've had it pretty rough financially lately. Worry, stress, regret, grief and depression have followed me on some level daily ...

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Thread: Motorcycle Zen and the art of gratitude

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    Motorcycle Zen and the art of gratitude

    As some of you know, we've had it pretty rough financially lately. Worry, stress, regret, grief and depression have followed me on some level daily since I lost my job.

    The past few days in particular I've been pretty down. Not being able to find a new job has been weighing heavily on my heart.

    Tonight, I'm happy to report that has changed.

    A little back story first:

    Last summer I bought an old used motorcycle to get back into riding after having sold my beloved BMW 1200r several years prior as I prepared to move cross country. The new bike is 24 years old, and needed some work.

    Well, work at the time was busy, so I couldn't really work on it. It sat. It's condition worsening by sitting. I almost sold it three different times, but decided to hang onto it in the end.

    Fast forward to this last month. I had sold my truck to stay afloat and we were to depend on my wife's car. Not a week after selling the truck the car broke down.

    Now I'm left with a car I couldn't afford to fix, and a cycle that didn't run, but wasn't worth anything to sell. SO.. I tinkered, I toiled, I tweaked. And I got it running. Sort of. Good enough to run around our small town in a pinch to apply for some local jobs, but not reliable enough to go any distance safely. And it was just no fun at all to ride. It took alot of finesse and concentration to keep it running down the road.

    Well, now the car is fixed thanks to the help of friends. (I can't fix a car to save my life). The pressure was now off to tear the bike down and work on it properly knowing I could walk away from it if need be because of parts or ability.

    I again took to tinkering. My goal was to see if I could improve it even a little bit without spending any money.

    So, as a distraction yesterday as much as anything else I finally decided to try one last time to fix the carburetors after my daily job search efforts.

    Tonight at six I buttoned it back up.
    It started right up.
    It idled. It begged to be ridden.

    An HOUR into a great ride I wondered if I would get to take on it I had to pull over. Not because the bike needed attention, but because I was emotionally overwhelmed. I did it. I had faith, and it worked.

    Now all the emotions came. Faith renewed. Gratitude for my health, my wife and my DC friends, my name it. I came up with a list that seemed to take forever to recite in my mind of all the things I am truly grateful for.

    Then came hope. I again finally really felt the hope for the future that I had been trying to convince myself I had all along. Boy, that felt good, because with hope came renewed confidence.

    We're going to be ok. I'm not sure how, but I'm sure it is so. I have faith.

    I got back on the bike just about dusk, and headed back home though the beautiful back roads I love so much here and it occurred to that my 24 year old mechanic's special now had a name.

    Her name is Faith.

    Just thought I'd share with my friends here.
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    Keep the Faith, Jody. Things are looking up.
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    Thanks friend. I know I will.

    It was a heck of a ride. Amazing the way a good ride can clear your head.
    A trip to the range can sometimes do that too.
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    Nice to hear your outlook is better. I have those days when it seems like everything is going to fall apart and then when you step back and get something small accomplished, it feels like a new day is here. Hope your days are get better with each passing one and good luck on the job front.
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    Nothing like seeing the light at the end of a long black tunnel,This too shall pass,hang in there
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    Sounds like you've turned the corner.... good things are coming your way....
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    It was an amazing ride. Sometimes I guess all you need is two wheels, the wind and an open road to settle your soul.

    Now I'm off to check on a job lead!
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