I view myself as a Libertarian in philosophy, but for practical purposes I vote Republican in almost all cases. The exceptions would be RINO's and the spending Congress critters. I sincerely doubt you could find enough pro-2A Democrats to vote for (I only have encountered two in the past 28 years of voting, and they both lost).

But back to the subject, the NRA and the gun community DOES try to make liberals comfortable around guns, its just hard for most liberals to let go of the propaganda.

BTW, Libertarians favor the least possible government, anarchists believe in no government. Huge difference. When I was first exploring political thought, I came across Libertarian writings. Libertarians believe very close to our founding fathers, in that the government should be minimalist, not interfere with competent adults, and the power ultimately resides with the people in a contract with the government (like the Constitution and Bill of Rights). The government should not be meddling in personal affairs, such as marriage (a religious rite) or what you do to get your rocks off, unless it harms another. The government should be seeing to defense, a just legal system and necessary public infrastructure until such time as it is should be privatized.

Ok, I'll get down off the soapbox now...