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Thread: In court today

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    My ex-mom in law did that. Always went for the abuser. Not so much physical, but mental abuse. Always told by ex husbands and boy friends that she was stupid and not worthy of anything except them and the abuse. She finally broke free of the cycle, found a wonderful man and has been happily married for many years now.

    Too bad this happens. Some women are kind of programmed in early life, especially by a domineering father to allow men to control them. They see dad doing that to mom and just end up finding a guy just like daddy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PNUT View Post
    I learned this lesson the hard way when I was 17. I stopped a man from beating a woman, in the process he got hurt pretty badly. The Police show up and the woman completely changes the story to make me the bad guy..
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    The sad thing is that our society keeps telling women that all they need to protect themselves is a restraining order. There are too many stories in the news of men totaly ignoring them and killing someone for anyone to believe they are any good. Until we start arming and training these women, how do we expect them to act any differently? Our police do not have the manpower to protect these women and the perpatrators too often end up back on the street within hours. The victims can hide in shelters only for a short period. Many of these women would have to live in fear for the rest of their lives even if they move away and try to start over.

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    Like everyone said same ole sane ole, but In my county & sorrounding conties Tf someone calls a DV singnal (88) sombody is going to JAIL preiod,They are tired of IT!!
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    Eagleks Don't get me started on this subject.....

    Don't try to figure it out..... it makes no sense.
    Yeah, it does make sense, in a sad way: I'll try to explain by way of analogy: I call it my "running shoe theory"

    A running shoe is composed of 3 basic parts: (1) carbon rubber outsole (the part that hits the road); (2) the mid-sole (the soft, spongy foam that absorbs the shock of your foot hitting the road); and (3) the upper (this is the part that wraps around your foot). Your average running shoe, by the time you put 500 miles on them, has lost 75% of its actual shock absorbancy, BUT, and this is important, the outersole shows very little wear, and the shoes still look really good and they are well broken in and they feel "VERY COMFOTABLE". So, while they look good, and feel comfortable, they actually DAMAGE you with every step you take, because the mid-sole has had the crap pounded out of it and it transmits most the shock of impact straight to your knees

    OK--so, in real life, what we often grow up with, we learn to feel comfortable with You grow up in a home that is abusive towards women (either overtly or with covert abusive attitudes) and that is what FEELS COMFORTABLE. If you meet somebody who treats you nicely, it just feels wrong and "not right." I have had a LOT of women clients over the years who, in looking back, see that they had at least one guy interested in them, who was actually a nice guy, but they dumped him and moved on to a jerk, because being treated nicely made them feel "funny." (cognitive dissonance is the technical term), they universally looked back on this move with saddness.

    Now, this is an over-simmplification of a very complex process, but I thik it does explain some of the more puzzling dynamics we see in these types of relationships. My hat is off to all those folks who have taken the hard road of looking at themselves and have chosen the hard road of emotional growth and confronting the skeletons in their closets.

    Hope this analogy helps some..........

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    Quote Originally Posted by SonofASniper View Post
    It might sound cold, but she got what she deserved.
    Yes it may sound cold, but I agree 100%. That whole scene was a waste of taxpayers dollars. All too often the abused do not press charges against their abusers. The abused need counseling to recognize this type of relationship is not normal. In this case someone has to go to jail, she chose which one it was going to be. Well, actually he did, because he is clearly the one who is still in control.
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    What would be an idea would to have a SOP established for LE to give a blank Obituary form to all of the DV victims who decide to go back to the spineless pieces of s##t. This would help out because of the inevitable. Then maybe they would think and then that might not even phase them. It's a very sad situation.
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    It all starts in the home. We need licenses to drive, carry, build a house, etc, but any two fools can have kids .

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    Quote Originally Posted by flaboatbum View Post
    For anyone who watches the TV show COPS, this is an all too familiar scenario. "Please don't take him to jail....he hit me but I love him" Sad twist of human frailty.
    Had this happen to me back in the early 90's at Rhein Main Air Base in Germany, with a twist. Responded to a Domestice violence call, got there accessed the situation, obvious marks on the female face and on the males hand where he had busted his knuckles open. Arrested the guy and was walking him out to the car, when I got hit in the back with a frying pan. Thank God for my vest which absorbed some of the shock, Both parties went to jail that night and the kids went to a trusted neighbors house.

    When asked why she struck me, she replied, "I just wanted him to stop hitting me, I didn't want him to leave, he's the father of my children"

    I was not a happy camper that day.
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    And she'll do it again and again.... Sad for sure that any women feels the need to cover something like that for a (I cannot use words I'd like to) guy..

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    Quote Originally Posted by highoctane View Post
    My bet is when she gets out she will be right back with him. To SOME people this is normal behavior. Its the only thing they know.
    Yep, she will. And she'll get the crap beaten out of her again, and again, until she either comes to her senses and puts him away and leaves him, or he ends up, killing her. My father was an alcoholic. Sober, he was a great guy. But he couldn't stay away from booze, and once he was drunk, he would start yelling at my mother, and frequently would hit her, or some other act of violence. I think that she stayed with him because of me. But, I can tell you that lying in bed at night, listening to him scream at Mom, is no way for a 6 year old to live. And I once hit him with some object, I don't remember what, when he had her down on the living room floor, and he was sitting on top of her hitting her. I also called the cops. He died of lung cancer 2 days after I graduated high school. I wasn't that upset about it.

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    Some of you may recall a story I posted a while ago about a lady who's husband beat her so badly he put her in a coma for 3 weeks. She woke up in the ICU still wanted to drop charges against him. The DA disregarded her request and prosecuted regardless of her objections. The wife was even a "defense witness" FOR her husband. She claimed that he hit her because "she pushed his buttons" and deserved the abuse.

    I wonder what happened to her since this happened? This case always comes to mind when I hear about domestic abuse cases. I'm told that the husband received a prison sentence for this case as well.
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    This 'story' has millions of copies...
    Even if this woman leaves THIS guy, she'll probably find another abusive partner...they almost always do.
    I just turn my head to situations like this...nothing one can do.

    My only concern would be for children who have to live with the kind of crap...and I see the product of these situatons every day in school.
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    In Kansas I believe the DA will take up the case regardless of the victim's willingness to cooperate or press charges. The police testify on her behalf on what they saw and photographed.

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