Instant Karma!

Instant Karma!

This is a discussion on Instant Karma! within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Last Saturday I was doing a 35 mile bicycle ride. As I was riding into a small town where the shoulder of the road narrows ...

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Thread: Instant Karma!

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    Instant Karma!

    Last Saturday I was doing a 35 mile bicycle ride. As I was riding into a small town where the shoulder of the road narrows down to nothing as you get into town and I am forced to either ride on the street with a lot of traffic or get up on the sidewalk where I have never seen a pedestrian. So I ride up on the sidewalk.

    As I was riding along and coming to an intersection where there is a traffic light, a full size pickup passed me and as it went by, the person in the passenger seat threw what turned out to be a plastic fast food type container of BBQ sauce at me. He and the driver thought it was hilarious and were laughing and pointing at me as they passed me.

    I didn't even have time to give them the single digit salute and yell anything at them before I saw it start to unfold! The light had turned red. The large, older flatbed truck in front of them stopped and the idiot truck driver was still looking back at me and laughing at the thrown BBQ sauce. He saw what was happening way to late to stop it from happening but soon enough to lock up his brakes and cause the front of his truck to dip, thus allowing the flat bed of the truck ahead to pass cleanly through his grill and radiator!

    The old flatbed was hardly scratched. The truck with the idiots in it was just mangled! I made it a point to stop along side of them and tell them that it served them right and laugh like crazy at their situation. The driver of the flatbed had gotten out and wanted to know what the heck was going on and I explained that these morons had thrown something at me, were not paying attention to the road because they were too busy taunting me and thus hit his vehicle. He asked if I would wait for the police to arrive and explain that to them, and I did.

    The morons were issued several tickets, I don't know what all for, their truck was towed away and they looked to be having a very bad weekend.

    Instant Karma! What a beautiful thing. The other half of my ride was completed with a grin that I could not get rid of. It was a great weekend.
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    that is a heartwarming story...natures justice at its best.

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    Sounds like everything turned out the way it should...
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    Great story, but how many days does it take to do the 35 mile bike ride?

    Glad the 'maroooons' got their instant reward.
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    What a great ending! I always carry when I'm on a bike ride (35 miles last saturday, too). I know another cyclist who now carries all the time ever since a driver threw a bottle at him and hit his head (did some permanent damage, unfortunately).
    Ride safe.

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    I just love a happy ending.
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    Insta-Karma. Gotta love it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by msgt/ret View Post
    I just love a happy ending.
    +1 and a mighty "HA-HAH" to the Sauce-throwing simians!
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    Mike that is great. When I was a Kid in Ireland two Guys came up behind Me on a motorcycle. The Guy on the back put out His leg to knock Me off of My bicycle and got knocked off the back of the motorcycle. I was grinning good that day.

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    It's great when people get what they deserve.
    64,999,987 firearms owners killed no one yesterday.

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    I just cant get over the stupidty of people...wasting good BBQ sauce...
    they got what they deserved!
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    What a great outcome!

    Looks like ol' John was right, after all:

    Instant karma's gonna get you
    Gonna knock you right on the head
    You better get yourself together
    Pretty soon youre gonna be dead
    What in the world you thinking of . . .
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    now if only there was video of this. then many people could lagh at them.
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    Darwin would love it. Great story!
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    That was great! Wish I could have been there.
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