ok...which one of you hoarded the ammo...

ok...which one of you hoarded the ammo...

This is a discussion on ok...which one of you hoarded the ammo... within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; So I ran into the Gun show at the Dulles Expo center on Saturday morning. I was there at opening . Ran to the Ammo ...

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Thread: ok...which one of you hoarded the ammo...

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    Talking ok...which one of you hoarded the ammo...

    So I ran into the Gun show at the Dulles Expo center on Saturday morning. I was there at opening. Ran to the Ammo tables in the mass stampede first. After running back and forth between 3 different tables, I ended up in lineat a table that seemed to have reasonable prices for what I was looking for. Guy in front of me...dropped 10 cases on a hand truck....guy behind me...yup...5 cases...I can only assume it went on like this all day. I got my case of 223 and 45 and split.

    On a side note, I did manage to find a SINGLE set of 50rnds of 380auto. The guy in line behind me had been searching the tables for it too and it seems I got the very last batch in the building... I felt kind of bad...or not...he looked so dejected and down-trodden.

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    I'm jealous, I can't find any .380. I'd be happy to find one box right now.

    There's .40 available, but .380 seems to have been beamed up to some parallel universe.

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    glad you found some.!

    got some Magtech .380 acp with purchase of pistol but I got some defense rounds today while back at the shop: Corbon DPX: $33/20rds.

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    I'd be happy to find one box right now.
    I just bought some online from Cabela's...Cor-Bon HP at $1.05 a round.
    A box of 20 was $21. I got four, just in case.
    I hope this shortage ends soon, I gave up looking at my Wal*Mart.

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    Quote Originally Posted by packinnova View Post
    ok...which one of you horded the ammo...

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    I can't find .380 around the KS/MO area either. We are swimming in 9mm and .45. I think the shortage will pass in a few more months.

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    I'm seeing signs of things improving in terms of availability. Prices are another thing. I'm finding 380 Fiocchi ranging from $22 to over $30. The latter price from a large shop that is normally very very competitive in prices. At over $30.....he's digging every wallet that walks in the door. The $22 a box price comes from a very small shop nearby. If he can do it at $22 then ......?

    My buying habits tend to only allow me to buy no more than half of whatever I find on the shelf, if anything. Leave some for the next guy and this may finally end. It's the grabbing that put us in this pickle.

    End of rant: If the ammo dealers, manufacturers, and entire supply chain don't ease of the prices as supply increases.....they'll do serious damage to us all, including themselves. The inflated cost of shooting will come around and bite their backsides. I won't mind seeing that in truth. We need to function as a community; One that's under fire but cohesive.
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    There would be no ammo shortage or even increases in prices of firearms related items if it weren't for the panic hording by the firearms community. It doesn't matter whether it's out of fear or seeing an opportunity to profit, people in our world have created the problem. I can't stand Obama, but he didn't create the shortages. I feel when complaining about the shortages, we need to take a good long look in the mirror. Manufactures are running 24/7 and still can't keep up with the demand. Makes me wonder why when they weren't running 24/7 there was plenty of ammo and components at reasonable prices??? We need to weed out and black ball our own for the price gouging that's going on. Of course the gouging would end if people weren't paniced and willing to pay the high prices.

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    People rushed out to buy because they were worried. There's nothing wrong with that. The market will even things out eventually, either due to a reduction in 'panic' demand, an increase in production to make sales, or both. The only thing ordinary citizens should be worried about is restraining our representatives from making bad laws.
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    Isn't hoarding against the rules? I bought a 100ct box of 95gr 380auto a week ago....just because it was there. $31.97 at Wal Mart.

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    Ram Rod...you ought to out and play the lottery!

    I saw .380 for $60 a box of 50! Passed on it!

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