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Hunting hornets w/a 300 Win mag

This is a discussion on Hunting hornets w/a 300 Win mag within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Originally Posted by ccw9mm Not sure if that is what OP has or not. That looks like a Japanese hornet. In Troutman we have these: ...

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Thread: Hunting hornets w/a 300 Win mag

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    Quote Originally Posted by ccw9mm View Post

    Not sure if that is what OP has or not. That looks like a Japanese hornet.

    In Troutman we have these:

    They are more brown than yellow.

    I killed a nest last Saturday night. I put on jeans, socks, boots, tucked in t-shirt, hoodie sweatshirt, gloves, full head and face covering, and ski googles. I then duct taped all openings at legs and hands. I was definitely making a fashion statement but no way was I gonna get stung. Plus if I was swarmed I have a lake I could jump into. I would be safe as long as I could swim in my homemade Bee suit.

    Luckily, the nest was at the base (ground level) of a tree on my neighbor's property. I cut the top off a Sunny-D bottle and poured in several cups of gas. Made my way to the tree and sure enough there about 15 of those jokers hanging around outside the nest opening. I got as close as I could. The guards started getting restless. I dumped the gas on the opening, the guards started flying, I dropped the mangled bottle and ran like a banshee. Checked out the nest Sunday morning and confirmed a successful hunt and retrieved the bottle.

    Man, I hate those things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by atctimmy View Post
    You don't light it, you just let the fumes get em.
    where the hell is the fun in that!?

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    Quote Originally Posted by atctimmy View Post
    You don't light it, you just let the fumes get em.
    I know that a spritz from the CLP can get 'em good. Fries the nest down to a nub, too. And none others have come back to the same spot in a long while. I can see 'em thinkin' amongst themselves ... "That's where IT happened, Buzz, I'm tellin' ya."
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    After working a few months as an exterminator the best thing that you can use is regular dish soap and water. Regular water wont be absorbed into their body but by adding a spoonful of dish soap something happens chemically that allows the water to pass right into the body and they drown. They dont really even get upset. Just make sure you are dressed to get close enough and spray em with a water bottle full of the mixture and your good to go!

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    I want youtube video of the nest assault.
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    ccw9mm.....that's the bugger. yep. one of the trees (nest) I've been dealing with I've continued to go at daily w/hornet spray and it's cutting the population significantly. I finally threw seven dust into and around the opening and it seems no one can get in or out. I believe that colony is due for extinction.

    The other tree (the one that I went after with the 300). Dem is dead. Aside from spray and seven, I blew hollow point holes through the backside of the tree, above the nest, and proceeded to spray hornet spray through the exit holes. My neighbor came over and wondered how much pressure was left in the empty cans of hornet spray (I had a lot of them). So we piled them up at the entrance to the tree, right at ground level. We then started plowing 12 guage rounds through the cans. I don't know if that was the frosting on the cake or not but they are no more.
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