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Thread: Adult Beverages

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    Winter = Laphroaig
    Summer = Glenmorangie
    Special Occasions = Dallas Due

    Beer = Orkney Dark Island
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    Well it's pretty rare that I have a drink any more, but I guess I would order a Black Label. The price is nearing $40.00 for a fifth nowadays, which I find quite ridiculous. But I haven't found anything I've liked as much in that price range, so it's my 'go to' scotch.

    For beer, I lean towards Miller High Life, but might choose Black Butte Porter, for an 'occasion'. High Life is downright sour and undrinkable if it's not fresh, but Black Butte doesn't seem to have this problem.

    For mixed drinks, I usually keep it simple. Scotch and coke, gin and coke, vodka and coke. Substitute juice if it's too late for caffeine.

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    On second thought, I do like a good, dirty vodka & gin martini once in a while. Shaken, not stirred. Just like my man James Bond.

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    Usually drink Miller Lite now but enjoy sampling any micro brew, really miss San Miguel, Orion, Victoria Bitters, Fosters, Amarit or any British or German beer while in country.
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    I usually drink blantons, or four roses single barrel.

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    Jack Daniels & Coke, Crown Royal, and if I am in a beer mood. It's Warsteiner.

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    Beer at a public place = Hefeweizen.

    BYOB = Chili Beer = (Corona light with Dash of Tapatia hot sauce and a slice of Lemon.)

    I prefer red wine tho'... Cabernet, Petite Syrah, or Merlot in that order.

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    Bushmills Irish Whiskey, Modelo or Hefe for beer, and Auslese, spatlase or eiswein if I'm drinking wine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SilenceDoGood View Post
    I gave drinking up when I started seriously preparing for the military, along with chewing tobacco, but that doesn't mean I can't share a special recipe...
    I hate to break it to you, but you got that all wrong, especially in the Marine Corps infantry, we survive off of alcohol, nicotine, and energy drinks. (It really can be rather bad sometimes, but each serves a purpose in the culture I suppose.) Jack, Cope, and Monsters make the world turn.

    I'm a rather eclectic beer drinker, but right now I'm on a dark beer thing, with Newcastle and Guiness probably front-runners for first place (I have drank Guiness on a special occasion in a Muslim country that was a combat zone, so it will always have a special place in my beer choices.) But I can't resist some PBR/Bud/Coors original at BBQ's and such.

    But I guess I'm known in my unit for my fondness of Jack Daniels, its kind of a running joke among my platoon. But back home I stick with Woodford, Jack Single barrel, and other similar bourbons.
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    I used to be a very heavy beer drinker, drinking 12-14 per night. But around 1996, I just got out of the habit. I used to go to a bar and drink beer and play video poker. I was in a bar, so I drank beer. It just seemed natural. Then, in 1996, I developed angina, and the cath showed a 05% blockage of the proximal left anterior descending artery, at the take off from the left main. The medical people out there (other than me, obviously) will know how bad this was- a clot gets loose and goes there, and I lose the entire left ventricle, which pumps the oxygenated blood to the body. I was not allowed to leave the hospital, and was scheduled for a bypass the next day. After discharge, my mother flew to Vegas to take care of me. I decided that I wanted to go down to the local bar and see my friends and play video poker. My mother dropped me off, and I figured that I would get a ride back or take a cab. I wasn't going to drink beer, since I was taking Percocet for pain. So, I ordered Diet Coke. And, I went by frequently, since I was bored. I found out that I had no problem with not drinking, even when I was off of the pain meds. I realized that my beer drinking was just a habit, and since then, I just drink Diet Coke, which I enjoy. So now, I drink 1 or 2 beers every 6-12 months. And to finally actually answer the original poster's question, when I do drink, I drink Miller Lite.

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    Guinness when I'm drinking beer. If you can see through it, it's not real beer.

    Other than that, Tequila Sunrise. It's the ultimate home cold remedy; it has OJ for vitamin C, and tequila to clear out the sinuses.
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    Makers Mark or Knob Creek on the rocks, splash of water.

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    Just plain old ice cold beer. I'm a big drinker, I can finish a case in just a few short.........months!!!
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    Captain Morgan Rocks
    Smoking Loon Shiraz

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    Quote Originally Posted by NC Buckeye View Post
    When the guns are put away and your sitting around with friends or relaxing alone, what do you drink.

    For me it is Blended Scotch (Black Label) or Bourbon (Woodford Reserve)

    If I am drinking beer it is usually Shiner Bock.
    You guy's get Shiner over there?

    I enjoy Woodford as well. I don't always drink beer, but when I do I prefer a Modelo Negra.

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