taurus article/ expensive sights

taurus article/ expensive sights

This is a discussion on taurus article/ expensive sights within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; anybody see the taurus article in aprils america's first freedom? here's a couple of highlights. "we build parts for our own designs and to our ...

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Thread: taurus article/ expensive sights

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    Talking taurus article/ expensive sights

    anybody see the taurus article in aprils america's first freedom?
    here's a couple of highlights.
    "we build parts for our own designs and to our specifications.
    we do our own forging. we do it all. every part fits perfectly, which means the tightest tolerances and highest quality".

    many 1911's cost between $600 and $800.the taurus 1911 falls just below that range at $599, but the gun boasts $2000 worth of custom accessories, like METAL INJECTED MOLDING and HEINIE SIGHTS.
    those are some expensive sights.
    some of these so called gun writers are starting to go too far.
    taurus' quality has gone up, but saying mim parts and heinie sights are worth $2000 is a little much.
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    yeah thats a joke who wrote that article dick metcalf probley

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    actually it was Laurie Lee Dovey, whoever that is.

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    I have yet to see a Taurus worth $2000 in quality parts , manufacturing.
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    I am far from anti Taurus - I have two revo's but hey - hardly expect high priced stuff from them either!

    MIM parts eh - Mmmm, yummee!
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    i like my pt145 ( non pro melenieum ) but damm get a grip night sights are what a hundred bucks ??? lol a tauri just isnt a high end firearm imho

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    I believe (personal belief here...)Taurus makes some okay revolvers, but would not wipe my @## with one of there semi-autos. I owned a .25GPRL and the grip exploded while shooting the first clip. I know that manufacturers aren't perfect and some models are bound to experience flaws...but come on. The manufacturer sent me a new pistol that did the same exact thing (After accusing me of having the grip screws fastened too tightly). I traded the weapon the first month I owned it. It would be very difficult for me to purchase another taurus semi auto. I feel that they are visually appealing but I would certainly not trust my life to one. Any similar experiences?

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    My crappy POS Taurus PT92 has never jammed unless I feed it S&B. Of course, I cannot say the same for those Kimbers and Wilsons and ultra high priced babies that become a paperweight if you don't take them to the Gun Whisperer and feed them match ammo.

    Like I heard on a match recently :"My $700 gun beat the **** out of your $2,500 gun."

    PS: My next buy will be the Taurus 1911.
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    The Taurus 1911 will probably be comparable to the low end Springers. I think with Taurus you have to evaluate each model on its own merits. I could wind up with one yet, some of the things they make are interesting and unique. The majority I don't really care for.

    I think they need to take a cue from other makers and condense their product line and do several things well instead of a handful of things well and have so much of their stuff left as a testament to mediocrity.

    Heck Ruger, the biggest gun maker in America, only makes one series of self loading pistols.

    Their 24/7 and 3rd generation Millenium Pros seem like their strength to me... why not just focus on those lines? These models are very clever and do things their competitors don't. The rest of it just seems like nothing special.

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    I suppose I should read that article... I got hung up on the statistics in the Charlton Heston Article - Average American owns 1.7 guns -
    Do they poll people, or do they figure the number of guns and the census data? UGH!!

    (warning: fuzzy math!!)

    That would be over 500,000,000 firearms.
    The average owner owns 4.4
    thats roughly 112,000,000 gun owners
    Population +-300,000,000
    minus felons in prison 1.5 mil
    minus minors 80 mil
    minus non-citizens 21 mil
    thats 58% gun ownership (at 4.4 guns each)
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    There were at least a couple of Taurus 1911's at their SHOT Show booth...they looked ok.
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