Runaway tire narrowly misses officer

Runaway tire narrowly misses officer

This is a discussion on Runaway tire narrowly misses officer within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; There's a bridge nearby that connects Baytown to Laporte, the Fred Hartman Bridge. Guy changing tire,police behind him, then out of nowhere,close call. Runaway tire ...

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Thread: Runaway tire narrowly misses officer

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    Exclamation Runaway tire narrowly misses officer

    There's a bridge nearby that connects Baytown to Laporte, the Fred Hartman Bridge.
    Guy changing tire,police behind him, then out of nowhere,close call.

    Runaway tire narrowly misses police officer on Fred Hartman Bridge - 8/05/09 - Houston News -
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    200 LBS at 60MPH would have left a mark. I am glade he and the other guy were ok. The tire could have taken them both out!!!

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    Wow... amazing timing...
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    That was too close!

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    Wow, now that's an incredibly lucky break! When I first saw the video, I barely noticed the huge truck tire whizzing by........

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    I recall the "treads" run up my shirt when I got mowed down by our school's tailback (John B.) in football practice, years ago. Can't imagine what the impact would have been like, had he been 200 lbs. and going 60mph.

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    That was a close one! Great timing, to have moved out of the way just in time without knowing what was in store. Now his service weapon has character.
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    Bet he still didn't get away without some"SKID MARKS"
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    that was way too close for that run down feeling

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    A friend of mine's son had just graduated from the AF Academy and pinned on his wings as a pilot and was going for a motorcycle ride and a tire bounced up and hit him square in the chest and killed him.

    These guys were very's deadly business out there on the road and too many people don't understand the physics of it are not just a good idea. It's the law.
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    Lucky guy! I was driving home from work one morning saw a bus tire lying in the ditch near a bus stop and a bus nearby sans tire. Said to myself glad that didn't hit anyone, sadly when I got home heard on the news that it had indeed killed some poor guy standing at the bus stop reading a newspaper, likely never knew what hit him.

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    Once I watched a tire come off a big rig as I was meeting it. Missed me by a couple seconds. How does this happen (other than the obvious!)?
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