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Red Light Camera + Borrowed Vehicle

This is a discussion on Red Light Camera + Borrowed Vehicle within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Originally Posted by Phillep Harding I've read complaints about the yellow being shorted to create more violations. Is that still going on? They do that ...

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Thread: Red Light Camera + Borrowed Vehicle

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phillep Harding View Post
    I've read complaints about the yellow being shorted to create more violations. Is that still going on?
    They do that in DC. They also time all lights on Constitution/Independence Ave so that they are opposite each other, causing you to have to stop at each one. The traffic created by this is insane. And, of course, they have speed cameras right after a sharp speed limit decrease, although I think MD does that more.

    Here in Arlington, they did a test awhile back...they increased the yellow time and found that instances of red-light running went down.

    After that they scaled back plans for red-light cameras. We still only have a handful of them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by takurpic View Post
    My wife is in in a borrowed vehicle on a trip to the east coast. She's pretty sure she got nabbed by a redlight camera (turned red prior to her exiting the intersection). Any idea how to go about making it right so the owner of the vehicle doesn't get the ticket? Fighting in court is not going to be an option due to location (halfway across the country).
    The owner will get the ticket if the camera went off!

    All you wife can do to make it right is pay the fine. Maryland does NOT assess points for "photo tickets", I know since I ran afoul of a speed camera a couple years ago. So there should be no effect on the car owners status, insurance, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SelfDefense View Post
    The red light cameras cause more accidents, albeit relatively minor rear end collisions. They probably do prevent the more serious intersection accidents that cause loss of life and severe injuries. The jury is still out and we have only four in the city so far.
    Jury may be out locally, but study after study has been done and has shown that the BEST way to reduce accidents is by lengthening the yellow light. Red light cameras statistacally increase the number of accidents.

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    So, to the OP: The tickets get mailed to the registered owner of the vehicle along with multiple photo shots which show the vehicle entering the intersection with the color of the light in view, the vehicle leaving the intersection, and a view of the driver of the vehicle.

    Multiple angles and shots show that the vehicle crossed the white line when the light was red and that the vehicle continued through while the light was red which removes all doubt and arguement to whether the light was actually run or not.

    The receiver of the ticket has the option to mail the ticket back claiming they were not the driver of the vehicle and they can write in who they loaned the car to at the time. The photo of the driver helps prove whether that's true.

    Here in Colorado, they won't persue out of state cases or ones where the driver photo is obscured.
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    Quote Originally Posted by takurpic View Post
    I'm not sure. FWIW... this happened in Maryland.

    ETA... she said she saw flash like that from a camera strobe.
    but where did the flash come from? Did it come from something on the line on the light assembly or from a box on a pole on the street corner. The strobes on the light housing themselves have to do with the mirt thing for the emergency vehicles. The red light camera's are usually in big metal boxes on top of a pole on the corner of the intersections

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    Here in NY I get plenty of red light camera tickets (not me personally my customers with my rental cars) the camera takes a picture of the intersection as the light turns red and another picture seconds later. It also shows the amount of time the light turned red. I do not beleive that it will take a picture if a car is all ready in the intersection after the light turn red. I was told (not 100% sure) that if you are traveling under a ertain threshold it does not take a picture. Register owner will get a ticket in the mail.
    I do not think out of state registered car get ticketed. the get photographed but the state has not way of collecting from out of state cars.

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    Thanks for the input folks.

    Wife says the flash came from beind her. She went back through the next day and actually saw the camera.

    I guess we wait and see.

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