Just received an offer from the NRA to purchase a video series from "The American Rifleman Video Collection - Advanced Personal Defense Combat Focus Shooting and Home Defense Tips".

I was excited to see this since it features instruction from Rob Pincus. Looks like a very good series, however, the DVD quality is so shoddy it wont even play all the scenes without hanging and skipping. The actual quality of the media is simply trash. I can see divots and anomalies all over the disc surface.

The first disc is $12.95 to be followed by the other DVD's in the set one every two or three months apart. After this first DVD the others are at regular price plus shipping and handling. It doesn't say how much the "regular" price is nor does it say how much shipping and handling is.

I would love to have this set but I am not going to pay for DVD's of this low of quality.

Thumbs wayyy down!