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Actual incidence of bar fights?

This is a discussion on Actual incidence of bar fights? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I've seen a lot of bar fights and had to participate in a few. Most are short and over quick. Usually only a couple guys ...

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Thread: Actual incidence of bar fights?

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    I've seen a lot of bar fights and had to participate in a few. Most are short and over quick. Usually only a couple guys but once in a while a big one erupts. The best one was about 20 guys or so. We had a band from Atlanta playing, guys getting thrown up on stage and the band would just kick them off and keep playing. Anybody from Atlanta remember a band called Baby Blue from around 1990?
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    Quote Originally Posted by archer51 View Post
    Never any beer bottle hits or weapons pulled.
    I didn't see it.

    But I have a scar on the back of my head that confirms that beer bottle hits do happen
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    One of the guys who worked for me in the Navy was involved in one. He was a nuke bubblehead and was out with a couple of coners. Turns out he got into a shoving match with a local, and the coners were holding him back. The other guy suckers punches him in the eye giving him one heck of a shiner.

    Showed up at quarters the next morning and I asked him what happened and he explained the above to me. I told him "That's what you get for hanging out with coners. If you had been out with two other nukes, there would've been 3 guys stomping the sucker-punching idiot for about 3 minutes, then bailing before the cops showed up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Avenger View Post
    As a Marine, I have been in a few. Its not just an American thing either. I have been in bar fights all around the world. I have never been in an epic bar fight, maybe at the most 5 sailors agains 2 of us! JK. They have been small.
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    I have fought three times in a bar or in a bar parking lot and almost fought on more occasions. I've been stone sober every time. Every time I was picked on by a bigger, drunk guy for some reason or another. I've never "lost" nor been arrested.
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    Most bar fights I knew of, 40 yrs ago, were often crazy.

    However, one's anymore are infrequent and usually one drunk mad at another. At some of the way less than respectble bars , sometimes someone tries to do something stupid like wait for them out in the parking lot when they come out.. (most shootings, stabbings, running people over with cars, etc. ), or it's gang seems these occur about 1 a month.

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    When I was a young buck I was a bouncer at a local bar on weekends. They had entertainment and got really packed. I rarely took a night off and seldom was there a fight I didn't see coming in time to stop.

    So one Saturday night I took off and the guy who filled in for me got stabbed in the back, the blade stopped only a few millimeters from his kidney.

    Them there was New Years Eve at a local hotel with about 250-300 people attending. One idiot got cocky and shoved someone and it was a free for all after that. The police were there and fights kept breaking out in front of them, all together about twenty individual fights broke out with anywhere for two to six or so people. And I was one of the ''luck bouncers''.

    The only time I came close to getting hit was breaking up a ''cat fight'' when a girl with her top torn off tried to kick me in the jewels.
    She was unconcerned that she was carrying on topless.
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    I made money throughout college by bouncing at a number of bars, including the closest bar to Ohio stadium, which does a big outdoor festival for all home games that are also handled by staff from the bar. I have a hard time remembering a single home game I worked (which was pretty much all of them), without breaking up at least one fight or shoving match. During times when then wasn't a football game, fights were pretty rare there, maybe one or two a month.

    But some of the other bars I worked seemed to make up for those months. Maybe I just picked the wrong college bar's to work at, who knows. When the bar's showed UFC fights, we tended to have more fights. When the Buckeyes would be losing a game, we would have more fights.

    It seems to me that they happen on a pretty regular basis, and its not like I go to biker bars or anything like that. But ask yourself this question, if they are so rare, then why do all the bars feel the need to hire bouncers, instead of just having bartenders card patrons and relying on the cops? Just some food for thought.
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    The only bar fight that I'm familiar with is the one that I was in. I was sitting in a bar in Vegas, drinking beer, playing video poker, and talking to a friend. A moron on the other side of him was talking drivel about something that I know very well, and I corrected him. I was looking straight ahead, taking a sip of beer, when the moron sucker punched me in the face, causing my glasses to fly off. It didn't hurt, but I thought that he might have broken my glasses, which thoroughly pissed me. I feel sorry for my friend, because I think that I went through him to get at this guy. I laid him out on the floor, and sat back down and resumed playing video poker. One of the 2 bartenders, a ditsy blond named Vicky, came back from the rest room and saw the guy on the floor. Since she didn't see anyone else involved, she thought that Bobby, the other bartender had thrown the guy out. She asked who did it, and Bobby said "Graham". She looked at me and turned back and said, "Oh come on now, who did it", and Bobby once again told her that I had done it, and what had happened. She wasn't really expecting that sot of thing from me, but then, she had never seen me sucker punched before. Fortunately for me, I retrieved my glasses, and they were fine.

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    The closest epic battle I ever saw was one time when I was DD for a bunch of friends who wanted to go clubing in Portland. We closed down one of the clubs and started to head out when I noticed a black kid run up ahead of us and into another bar.

    The next thing I knew, he came running out as fast as he could and about 15 topless skinhead looking fellows came pouring out right in front of us. I quickly herded up my less than sober friends and changed directions as the fight was about to breakout in the middle of the street. Fortunately, the PD were on the ball and 3 squad cars rolled up right into the middle of it before more than about 3 punches were thrown.
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    ive seen ALOT of bar fights in my time, from the pushing match all the way to an ENTIRE bar get completely destroyed (which was a GREAT night, and another story). most of them though are just 1 or 2 fists and they give up.

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    When I was 9, I beat up a 12 year old boy for making fun of my sister's speech impediment.

    Does that count?

    BTW, I beat the snot out of that kid.

    It felt soooo good.

    When a couple of teachers pulled me off of him, I gave him a swift kick in the ribs and said "Don't you EVER make fun of my sister again."

    I got kicked out of school.
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    When I was younger and dumber, I went to a few bars, a few fights mostly over quickly. One night the gentleman i was differing on a point of order with, said and I quote " ok i give you're right". Thinking we were through I looked to my right at a friend, and recieved a beer bottle across the top of my left ear. Hard. I was lucky in that it didn't bust and cut me, but it did send me to the floor. I came to a few seconds later to find a friend, (well over 6 feet,big shoulders, and a very pissed attitude), standing over me holding off my previous debating partner and his companion, while as he said, I took my beauty nap on the floor. While looking up from where I was he looked to be about twenty feet tall, and geez was I glad to see him there. While I got back on my feet quickly, I was not much help in the next minute or so of excitement, however, I did buy my hero the next beer.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Paymeister View Post
    I've wondered, though: how often do altercations actually occur in bars?
    Frequently enough that they make the news on a weekly basis, around here. Enough that I ceased going to "bars" decades ago, since they offered nothing that a decent restaurant and good companionship didn't already have, and risked much. Pass.
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