Video: Near Riot Chicago Uptown Aug 11

Video: Near Riot Chicago Uptown Aug 11

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Thread: Video: Near Riot Chicago Uptown Aug 11

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    Video: Near Riot Chicago Uptown Aug 11 - Man captures 'riot' on tape as gangs clash in street

    Man captures 'riot' on tape as gangs clash in street
    Raw video:August 11/09,Chicago.

    Increased police patrols are promised in the area around Leland and Sheridan in Chicago's Uptown neighborhood after "near riot-like" activity in the streets the past few nights.

    Video from the area appears to show about a dozen people running back and forth in the street, breaking bottles and yelling. One visitor wrote of "near riot-like gang fighting," and said that shots were fired Thursday night at about 10:30.

    On the Web site, commenters express fear and anger over the activity.

    "This is by no means an isolated incident," reads a comment by Michael. "This same exact scene played out multiple times this Spring as well."

    "We have had 3 nights in a row of this and never in my 10 years of living here have I seen it so bad," wrote another resident.

    "I'm scared to walk my dog after 7:30PM in this neighborhood! Sad!," wrote "KenmoreResident."

    In the video, purportedly shot Wednesday night, a squad car passes through and tells the crowd to disperse. Later, several marked cars appear. Police later confirmed that one person was arrested. One officer suffered minor injuries.

    Residents say its taken repeated complaints to get any action from the city.

    Police confirmed that the activity is "probably gang-related," and said the video is being reviewed by tactical teams and watch commanders in the district

    Remember those nature channel videos where packs of wild animals are attacking each other?

    These BG's never stop moving. Never. I think I need to go practice shooting at moving targets...

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    These thugs have no respect for laws, law enforcement, or fellow citizens, but it's nothing that a couple of 'well-placed' snipers couldn't fix. Oh, wait a minute...that would only be legal in a 'war zone'.

    Chicago...what an excellent example of a 'perfectly corrupt' form of government...criminals in high places, real dangers for honest citizens, and no answers in sight.
    It's a good thing that we don't have Chicago 'types' running our country!
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    The Warriors wasn't too far off the mark. In time, some places will turn into that. On a small scale, we've seen it before, here and there.

    Anarchy. It's on the rise, in places. Coming soon to a neighborhood near you.
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    Shots fired? That can't happen. Chicago is a GUN FREE ZONE!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pure Kustom View Post
    Shots fired? That can't happen. Chicago is a GUN FREE ZONE!!!
    They need to post some of those "gun free signs".

    I'm sure that will fix the problem.

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    What's amazing is how they ignored the cop when he showed up and continued to advance on the other group. Total disregard for the law and authority.

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    That was the first thing that I noticed also. The arrival of law inforcement made no change in the behavior, one guy was on the corner even taunting, the police in the cruiser.
    How would like to walk out the door into the middle of that?
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    It takes 2-3 cops cars before they decide they should maybe disperse. Only 1 arrest means this type of behavior is probably going to get worse because they will figure out they can get away with it. If the city was serious about stopping it they would have a strong police presence in the area ready to respond when they go into spurts of this type of behavior. If more of them actually got punished for what they were doing now it would prevent the worse crimes that are sure to come.

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    "Outside of the killings, Chicago has one of the lowest crime rates in the country,"

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