Patti, Bunny and the other gals will love the irony in this! - Update

Patti, Bunny and the other gals will love the irony in this! - Update

This is a discussion on Patti, Bunny and the other gals will love the irony in this! - Update within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Well it looks like I'm being forced to take a couple of extra days off, not by choice. I took a very nasty spill off ...

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Thread: Patti, Bunny and the other gals will love the irony in this! - Update

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    Unhappy Patti, Bunny and the other gals will love the irony in this! - Update

    Well it looks like I'm being forced to take a couple of extra days off, not by choice.

    I took a very nasty spill off an elevated platform yesterday afternoon. It knocked the wind out of me and luckily one of my neighbours heard me moaning and dialed 911. Next thing I know, my normally VERY quiet dead end street has sirens, fire trucks, and an ambulance bearing down on it

    An ambulance ride later I'm lying in Emerg being poked, prodded and X-rayed. I get a couple of shots of morphine for the pain. My first experience with morphine and I must say I was disappointed by the result, or lack thereof.

    Diagnosis? Cracked rib, my first time with a bone injury. I must say the pain is quite excruciating and the codeine stuffed pills really don't do much except make me a little dizzy(er).

    The irony? Don't worry, I'm getting to it. Mrs. GB is out of town on yet another dog rescue mission. Me being the good supportive hubby that I am decided to help out around the house.

    The reason I was standing on the platform? I was (gulp) hanging laundry on the clothesline!. OK girls, laugh it up. The sexist pig was doing laundry. I was pulling the line and it snapped.

    So here I am popping Emtecs like they're M&M's and trying to decide if changing my seating position will be worth the accompanying pain.

    Any sympathy will be appreciated.
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    Sorry to hear but kudos for helping your wife! We are expecting our 5th child any day now so my vacuuming and dishwashing and cleaning has picked up considerably!

    Get well and rest up!

    And for pete sake, let the line sag, and use a long limb or 2x4 to prop it up as you attach more clothes!

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    GB that will teach you to leave home work to the professionals.

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    Clothesline Philosophy:

    High-wire Clotheslines. (Which one did you fall from?)

    Rumor has it that this was the spot of the accident:
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Patti, Bunny and the other gals will love the irony in this! - Update-venice-clothesline.jpg  

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    I've never fallen off my electric dryer
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    Quote Originally Posted by dukalmighty View Post
    I've never fallen off my electric dryer
    Priceless! Feel better soon GB!

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    You have my sympathy. It will take a looooong time to fully recover. The excructiating pain should pass in 1-2 weeks, but the lingering pain lasts much longer. I am recovering from 5 broken ribs right now.
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    This should be the perfect time to lobby for some new toys. Lets see....4x4 with at a minimum 4 inch lift and 32 inch tires....electric over air scissor type deer stand mounted on a trailer....anything that would've got you up there with a full load of laundry that just might have some use in the fall. Hmmmmmm....just how far DID you fall and on which part of the old carcass did you land? I'm beginning to see some volunteer work with possible long term aquisitions entirely likely. By the way. Don't it hurt to laugh?

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    Prayers sent.
    I guess now to understand why, in most relationships certain tasks get delegated to those who are better prepared to handle them?

    j/k, hope you feel better soon.
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    Oh I have pity I did in three ribs when I was in my 30's what a miserable experience. My experience was due to foolishness, not laundry.
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    GunnyBunny... We don't bounce as well as we did when we were younger! You have to remember that next time. Maybe get a safety net!

    Hope you are well soon! Cracked ribs suck!
    Semper Fi

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    I heard Bunny and Patti, Chipped in a bought a Voo Doo doll.

    Paybacks a.................

    Glade your going to be ok.

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    My sister had morphine when she decided to get a spiral fracture of her femur while cross country skiing. It worked fine for her.

    I had it after my second spontaneous pneumothorax (first on I had demerol which works just fine). Bad time to discover a morphine immunity is when they're shoving an 8" plastic tube through an opening they made between your ribs.

    +1 dukalmighty. Clothesline fail, electric dryer FTW!
    "and suddenly I can not hold back my sword hand's anger"

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    Oh no, GunnyBunny, that is awful! You poor thing -- injuries to the ribs SUCK. An ankle, an arm, sure it hurts, but you can immobilize them mostly. Ribs hurt even breathing. Ugh, you have my sympathies and some "there there nows." When is Mrs. GB getting back?

    More importantly, when are you getting an electric dryer?

    No more injuries till after May, ok? :( Also, tell them Vicodin. They gave me that when I cracked my hip & tailbone. Worked well enough to make me stop wishing for death.
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    Friend, you hurt now, but just don't sneeze. That'll put you on the ground.
    "Come Watson, the game is afoot!"

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