A-Team Defensive Situation

A-Team Defensive Situation

This is a discussion on A-Team Defensive Situation within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I was minding my own business as I went into Wally Town to pay for some supplies. As my wife and I were walking out, ...

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Thread: A-Team Defensive Situation

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    A-Team Defensive Situation

    I was minding my own business as I went into Wally Town to pay for some supplies. As my wife and I were walking out, men from a van started yelling sexual remarks to my wife. Luckily I had my boots on this day. I stepped up to their place of business (a van). I told the ringleader to shut his cigar infested mouth. At this point he directed the muscle of his posse to attack me. He was an intimidating fellow who appeared to be weighed down by gold necklaces. His name was Baracus (Mr. T). I told him that it was time to turn that gold into cash and I was the cash register. Baracus did not like this so I performed a roundhouse kick so hard that my foot broke the speed of light and melted his gold necklaces. I told him that I pity the fool who brings gold necklaces to a Kick fight. As soon as Murdock realized that Mr. T was crying over spilt gold he stepped out of his van to confront me. I accidently coughed and my beard grew an inch. Upon seeing this Murdock chocked to death on his cigar. As my wife watched my amazing display of testosterone she became with child.

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    There is a very useful tactic
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    C'mon - we said our piece on the other thread. Pretty funny, though, and I came up with all SORTS of stuff to add. In the spirit of walking away, however, I deleted them.

    I especially liked your last line: that's why I don't display my testosterone in public - child support payments would kill me!
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    Was the theme song playing in the backround?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paymeister View Post
    C'mon - we said our piece on the other thread.
    I agree, let it go....
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