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Another reason to store emergency supplies

This is a discussion on Another reason to store emergency supplies within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Something I posted over at the Stronghold... In Florida, water is easy to come by...not necessarily potable, but it is everywhere. In the worst-case scenario, ...

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Thread: Another reason to store emergency supplies

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    Something I posted over at the Stronghold...

    In Florida, water is easy to come by...not necessarily potable, but it is everywhere. In the worst-case scenario, I can get sustenance water from sea water with solars stills. But I know a lot of you guys are out in the desert southwest where water is harder to come by. In a SHTF situation, if you find water in a muddy pond or a golf hazard, you shouldn't pass it up. But drinking that sludge is asking for disease, so here's instructions for an inexpensive DIY Berkey water filter setup.

    Berkey water filters are stainless steel with capacities suitable for up to 40 or 50 people. The smallest ones run over 200 bucks. But what you need is the filter elements themselves... screw the stainless steel... save a bunch of money and install Berkey elements in plastic buckets for less than $20.00. Prepare your buckets, stack them, put the elements inside, put the lid on it, and stick it in your garage, content in the knowledge that you have years of drinkable water available.

    The elements are kinda expensive (about $90 a pair), but each one will filter 3,000 gallons. So, 2 elements= 6,000 gallons. Calculate 1 gallon per person per day, so 6,000 gallons / a family of 4 needing 1 gallon per day per person= 1500 days of water, or 4 years and 5 weeks of drinkable water.

    So 4 elements would give your family of four 8 years of drinkable water from a nasty ditch for 200 bucks... in a SHTF situation, that sounds like a bargain.

    These filters remove all sorts of germs, viruses, poisons, and other nasties. You should give pond water a "rough filter" through a cloth filter of some sort before going into your bucket, and you should wrap the Berkey filters in thick cloth to filter any large solids to help preserve your filters (they suggest cloth diapers in the how-to). They can be scrubbed with Scotchbrite pads to clean them up. I'd still probably use a drop or two of bleach per gallon.

    DIY Berkey Water Filter
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    A few years ago, hurricane Wilma if I remember, we stayed 22 days without power from FPL.
    Fortunately, we had a small generator ($300) which could run the water pump (we are on well water) and the refrigerator.

    Now we have a 5kW and an 8kW generators which can run about everything but the A/C; however, when I designed the house, every room has cross ventilation, so it is not to bad.
    We burn 4-5 gallons/day; the 2 cars have 60 gallons, the bikes 10, so that's 17 days of generator, plus 30 gall. in cans, another 7 days.

    But 22 days w/o the comfort we are used to, is an eye opener.
    After the hurricane was gone, the first thing we used was the chain saw to be able to get the vehicles out to the road.
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    Living without electricity means no banking, no water, no food, no vehicle gas, no security lights, no comm, and limited emergency service among others. Cooking over the wood stove without refrigerator food.
    Some may think this is not common any more, but I lived liked that Until I was 17 in 1994 and moved out into the city. My old man was like that his whole life and thought his kids should grow up the same way. As a kid my freinds thought it was weird. As I look back and see that this was a good thing and the stuff I learned I grew up quikly. I was not off playing I was working to heat the house and work for what we had to eat.

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    You can buy safely at efoods direct. See my signature.
    I am not (in any way) affiliated with the company.
    I have placed several large orders with them & I am extremely pleased with their professionalism and their product.
    You call them to place an order and then a person from their warehouse will call you back & confirm.
    Credit card safe. I have had no problems.
    Incredibly professional packing even down to the tamper proof tape on the boxes.
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    I sold Y2K food supplies. I was wrong about Y2K (and while embarassed, I am delighted it was a non-issue), but I came up with a very useful rubric for making decisions:

    1. Draw a 3x3 table (that's a table that has nine boxes);
    2. Across the top label the columns (left to right) "None", "Moderate", "Severe";
    3. Down the left side, label the rows (top to bottom) "None", "Some", and "Heroic";
    4. Label the top "Effects";
    5. Label the left side "Preparation";
    6. In the upper left corner box, the middle box, and the lower right corner box, draw a happy face (or some other indicator suggesting you did it right);
    7. In the middle box in the leftmost column, write "Embarassed";
    8. In the two boxes at the lower left and bottom center, write "Embarassed and in financial trouble";
    9. In the upper right three boxes, write "Family dead from thirst, starvation, or violence."

    My conclusion is that if you can predict the severity of what is coming (e.g., a hurricane, tornado, or earthquake), you can match your preparations and do pretty well. But if you DON'T know how bad it will be, you will be better off over-preparing, as the cost of being wrong is not as severe.
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