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Fisherman dies from infection

This is a discussion on Fisherman dies from infection within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I had a case of cellulitis after I had someone "slice" my thumb open with a switchblade knife while I was at work. I have ...

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Thread: Fisherman dies from infection

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    I had a case of cellulitis after I had someone "slice" my thumb open with a switchblade knife while I was at work. I have a two inch scar as a result of that incident. A resident who was under the influence of both drugs & alcohol took issue with me. I work security and I have a pending court case against him as a result of this incident. Cellulitis is not fun to have. I was on antibiotics for almost a month. Not a fun experience with the side effects of the antibiotics!
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    One of my friend's employees almost lost his leg as a result of the bacteria. He had been fishing near Corpus Christi after the really heavy rains and floods a couple of years ago. All that fresh water and organic material made for a natural breeding ground. Very dangerous.
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    We try to be careful when handling fish while offshore fishing. Occasionally, you will get cut. We wash our hands/cuts with bleach after boxing a fish. There is always several gallons of bleach on board.

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    That stuff lives in mainly brackish water. Make sure if you fish the bays you clean any cut/scrape you get. I know one of the fishing guides down in Port Mansfield got tagged by a stingray and the wound got the necrosis in it. He almost lost his foot. If you get red streaky lines around any wound you should have it checked out by a dr.

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    It's not just a form of Strep that can cause necrotizing fasciitis (flesh eating disease), Staph aureus, Bacteroides fragilis, and a few others can cause it. And that's not the only problem with bacteria. As nasty as Strep can be, MRSA (Methicillin Resistant Staph Aureus) is another that may actually be worse. MRSA started out in hospitals, due to the high use of antibiotics- the greater the exposure, the larger the chance that bacteria will become resistant. However, it has spread into the general population (last report I saw in 2004 listed community acquired MRSA accounted for 18% of cases). Fortunately, many strains or MESA are not yet resistant to all antibiotics. IV Vancomycin is used IV. I treated a large number of cases in early 2005, and all of the infections were susceptible to Septra and a few others. One pt was allergic to the oral meds, so she had to come in twice a day for IV Vanco. But eventually, MRSA may well end up resistant to all antibiotics. So, we definitely need to be careful with cuts. As a diabetic, I'm susceptible to cellulitis, particularly in the left leg, as I have a diabetic ulcer on the left great toe. Two years ago, I didn't notice the cellulitis in time, and I became so weak that I couldn't even walk to the bathroom. That episode turned into osteomyelitis (bone infection), and I was hospitalized for 2 weeks, and on IV antibiotics at home for 3 months. I developed another case of cellulitis 2 weeks ago, and started antibiotics quickly (I keep a few antibiotics at home to start taking as soon as I notice the signs). Fortunately, I caught it early, and the infection is resolving well.

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