I've decided I love paintball.

I've decided I love paintball.

This is a discussion on I've decided I love paintball. within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I was doing some celebrating this weekend and actually devoted an entire day to doing nothing but having fun (very rare for me, as I ...

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Thread: I've decided I love paintball.

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    I've decided I love paintball.

    I was doing some celebrating this weekend and actually devoted an entire day to doing nothing but having fun (very rare for me, as I work like, 2.5 jobs, or the equivalent thereof). Specifically, I went out into the woods and played paintball all day. It was freaking great. I'd love to hear your own paintball stories.

    From left to right, college students Brent and Jeff, my friend "Trouble," me, and Brian (on whose property we played).

    This is me, moving into the woods from the entrance at the back of Brian's yard. The shot was taken by Brian's wife, who was watching from just inside the treeline.

    This is what the play area looked like. Smoke is from one of Brian's smoke grenades.

    Brian and his teammate entering the woods to kill me and my team. I think the other guy is Brent.

    Me celebrating after wiping out the other team single-handed.

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    Love the game. I've wasted many many an afternoon playing paintball. And many an evening working on my markers. Glad to hear that you had fun.
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    Oh yeah.

    Done it alot myself with my two boys and friends.

    We have a cople of ranges around. One is bascially hid and seek in the woods with a couple of forts that have flags that must be taken.

    You leave one of two guys in the fort to defend the flag and send the rest out to fins the other fort. Its on a couple hundred acres so you have to first find the fort and then get the flag back to the your fort with out getting painted. Easier said than done.

    Another is a speedball field. Big hay bales and its total elimination...the team with the last man standing is the winner. Its fast and furious.

    Another game is called "FBI". You have one or two "terrorists" with a "bomb" in this case and emply ammo can, and everyone else is the FBI. You have a limited amount of time to find it.
    I have been known to wipe out the entire team of 15-20 guys before they ever found it.

    We also do what it known as "sniper". You spilt up into equal teams, and tryro eliminate each other. It gets intense. That it where the small unit tactics come into play. One or two guys engage while the rest try to flank and eliminate the opposition. When the woods are thick and the camoflage is right, you may never know there the shot that got you came from.

    Its a good way to let of some tension.

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    Fun, but the lack of distance /accuracy is the only limiting factor. I used to play when pump guns were the norm, semis were exotic.
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    I play once in awhile. Paintball is as addicting as real guns. My worst story was playing once and took a hit to mr winky hurt like hell dropped me to my knees. Needless to say Im buying more protective gear. Cant wait to get out and play this year.


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    Loved it! Played with my wife, son and daughter 8-12 years ago - a family deal with friends - we'd go out on weekends and evenings. Pretty fun, and a good play experience with my kids.
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    It's fun, thank god I have a friend who has like 10 freakin guns, all powerful, expensive, great!

    One time the other team cornered me and shot me all at once from less than 20 feet away, and took some cheap shots after i was dead and walking off of the field, lil ********, just middle school kids they were, but i got back at them, oh yeah, next couple of games!

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    That would be me the gun ho. Several are for sale as I keep falling more and more in love with handguns.
    Anyone interested let me know.
    Autococker w/ eblade, tippman 98c, 99 shocker 4x4, 2 phantoms, zues semi pistol, and im keeping the 2 expensive ones!

    Play alot of tournaments where bunkering people point blank with $1500 markers spraying 15+ balls a second is the norm. Its fun but painful. (A cup is worth its weight in gold.)

    I think i enjoy outdoor games with normal people the most. I have some very fast and accurate markers, but when i play with a bunch of church people, or microsoft guys at the walkon field i usually use a phantom(10 shot pump) to give myself a handicap.

    Paintball is a valuable tool to hone awarness and cover usage. Its very sobering to be in a firefight with someone and take one in the chest or face. You think "Wow, in real life i would be dead!"
    If you go to a paintball forum you will find endless threads on how paintball is not violent and is just a game of tag. I'm on the fence on that one...Although when i play i never have tried to pretend that i was killing someone. My only thought is to get the other guys out before they get me. Hmm sounds like a self defense ccw story.
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    Yeah paintball makes you realize war would not be a fun situation to get your self into.

    Hiding behind trees, crawling on the ground, you become very aware of your surroundings and all your senses become very sensitive, esp sight and sound! when u get hit, u realize u would be dead in a real war, but paintball is still fun,

    i just hope kids that love paintball and getting into tournaments, don't think war will be the same way, but God Bless our Soilders for doing what they do, cause i sure don't have the courage to do what they do, hell no, they are brave mother ****ers!

    if anyone has seen Band of Brothers on HBO, i would be the guy hiding in the fox hole during the gun battle, i scare really easily!

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