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This is a discussion on Inglourious Basterds within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I really want to see this movie, preferably in the theater. Opinions guys. I'm sitting at home recuperating from an incident that left me with ...

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Thread: Inglourious Basterds

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    I really want to see this movie, preferably in the theater.

    Opinions guys. I'm sitting at home recuperating from an incident that left me with four cracked ribs.

    Am I OK watching this in my present condition, or do i need to heal up some more. I don't want to go into convulsions in the theater from laughing too hard.
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    Well GunnyBunny, I laughed a whole lot during the movie, but as I mentioned before, Marines tend to have twisted senses of humor, so maybe you should consult a "normal/sane" person.

    But if laughing hurts you, you might have a kinda rough time.
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    great movie!
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    Saw it Sunday with my dad and son. All 3 of us thought it was too long. Should have had more Brad Pitt in it, he was hilarious. Other than that, it was ok. Not great.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kellyII View Post
    No but im wanting to, it should be on DVD here in about a week or so..
    my thoughts exactly..but i still might see it in theater before that even

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    I still need to go see it. One of the guys in my unit said it was nothing but talking and sucked, but of course, you can't always trust just one person's review. Can't wait to see it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Exodus View Post
    Saw it opening night. It was not what I was expecting. I figured it'd be more action driven like Kill Bill. Despite that, Tarantino didn't disappoint. It was amazing. The characters and attention to detail in the scenes were phenomenal.
    Yup, what he said.

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    I just got back from seeing the movie.

    I highly recommend it.

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    Thumbs up

    My wife & I just got back ourselves.
    We thought it was great in that very bizarre Tarantino way.
    Brad Pitt has to get the Oscar for hilariously overacting.
    The guys who played Hugo Steiglitz and the German colonel were also hilarious.
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    I loved this movie, I saw it twice on opening day! I will be buying it on DVD when it comes out. The best part is my wife loves it too!! She dont usually watch those kind of movies like that. She is more of a chick flick type.

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    Saw it was excellent. I always enjoy his movies anyways. It was very visionary as far as the film work goes. I am not always a fan of Brad Pitt. But he was excellent. (GRAT-zi!!!.) My fiancee also loved it. That is a big pointer as to how good it was as she is not usually into that kind of movie.
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