Something Important Is Happening

Something Important Is Happening

This is a discussion on Something Important Is Happening within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; In the past few weeks on this forum we have seen some real opening up by several members. The loss of a father, the need ...

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Thread: Something Important Is Happening

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    Something Important Is Happening

    In the past few weeks on this forum we have seen some real opening up by several members. The loss of a father, the need for a kidney transplant, concern that one's interest in a particular type of firearm might be a problem, having to put to sleep a family member/friend that happens to be a dog. These openings have given others of us an opportunity to do somethings that many would believe impossible. It has given us an opportunity to share the pain of others and to express our concern. It has given us the opportunity to admit that the loss of a canine friend causes us to weep and to sometimes hurt so much that we have to take time off work. It has give us time to openly admit to anyone who wants to read it that we don't believe that there is anything unmanly about carrying for animal, friends, and family and even weeping over, with, and for those. We have had men tell others that they are in their prayers. This is not bad but as men we may have never admitted to anyone that we do pray.

    There is something about this this forum that brings out the best in us. We have had threads about what we like about this forum and there have been posts that mentioned again why we like it, but I believe it is the spirit that Bumper and our moderators have put into this forum that makes it unique. I appreciate the effort that goes into making CC run smoothly and I appreciate the openness and honesty that pervades the posts. Something good and important is going on here.

    Ladies, I have not intentionally left you out, I appreciate the contributions that you make to the forum. I was just so impressed by the way men are interacting on this forum that I had to say something about it.

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    Very Eloquent, Dr! Nice post. You are right - with this forum, I feel open and honest, and I believe it is because of the "Human-ness" of the Owner, the Moderators, and the Members. Thanks!
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    Yes, is one of the reasons that I'm becoming more active here. Guns are fun to chat about every once in awhile but can get boring or burnt out on if that is all the forum will allow.

    Here, you get to "know" folks abit better. As you said you feel closer to them because you share what is happening in their lives, not just firearms related.

    I for one can't read the posts about friends having to be put down while at work, they all bring a tear to my eye.

    I also especially enjoy the ladies and their input. I wished more ladies would join. The post by LibertyGal was expecially informative. As a human male, I understanding of the fairer sex is quite lacking so when the ladies speak it gives me more insight into what they think when it comes to firearms (and other things).

    So I too give a Here, Here to the Staff and the Members of the board.


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    Bravo! and well said. I watched this forum for a while and the character and moral fibre of the people here told me that this was the place to be. I never joined a forum before and it was because of the feeling I got reading other forums just was not as good as this one. I for one understand the loss of a best friend as last weekend we had to put down our Quensland Heeler Jake who had been in our family 16 years. My daughter does not remember life without him as he was born right after her. Needless to say "Something Good Is Happening Here"
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    I nearly teared up just reading that first post...

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    Guess we're doing something right!

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    George - I can but say a warm thank you for those words. They reflect my thinking and that of many I truly believe.

    I have been out of the loop a few days and am catching up (trying to!) - but have been aware for quite a long time just how much of a ''family'' we can be. Not all guns all the time - but fun too, and when needed a sharing of the pain and woes of others. Not at all a bad thing IMO.

    I am really quite proud to be associated with many folks here.
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    Some of the friendliest, most helpful people seem to frequent this site. i would be honored to have any of ya in my home or be on the range with ya.
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    It's good to see this happening here.

    On another board I frequent, we have an annual shoot-get together, folks from many parts of the country show up, it would be neat to see that happen here.
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    It is good to see things they way they are here

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    Thanks, George, and all of you, really. I've said it before, our members and the moderators are a big part of what makes the forum what it is, not me. I just facilitate and pay the bills.

    Something that happens behind the scenes, occasionally, is that we are accused of being "too civil", too "this" or too "that". I always refer those making these complaints to another forum more in line with the chaos they thrive on.
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    Thumbs up George

    That was such a nice post.

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    This is an outstanding site, thanks to the staff and the great members that make up the forum population.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rugerman
    the character and moral fibre of the people here told me that this was the place to be. I never joined a forum before and it was because of the feeling I got reading other forums just was not as good as this one... Needless to say "Something Good Is Happening Here"
    I second that. I've only been here a couple weeks, but it's good here. It's good.
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    I've quite posting on the other forum I'm a member of. In fact I haven't even visited it since joining here and I don't miss it one bit. There is a constant bashing and flaming of other members that is absent here.

    There is friendship here. There is sencerity here. I choose to be in the company of like minded individuals and that have a lot of knowledge to share. I also like the diversity.

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