do you attend your local gun shows?

do you attend your local gun shows?

This is a discussion on do you attend your local gun shows? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; i'd like to see the poll numbers on how many of us attend our local gun shows?...

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Thread: do you attend your local gun shows?

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    do you attend your local gun shows?

    i'd like to see the poll numbers on how many of us attend our local gun shows?

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    i do
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    South Carolina
    I've actually never been to one, I may try the next time there is a show in town.

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    Making ammo.
    I rent a table or two and sell my products at gun shows locally. I've only missed one.
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    Central Florida
    The last one I went to was over 5 years ago in Orlando...and it was the last one.
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    I used to go to 3 or 4 every year and bought,sold or traded at most of the ones I went to. But the few I've been to in the past couple of years haven't been worth the price of admission. I'm done with gun shows.
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    I'm not a fan of gunshows. Too many stupid people pointing muzzles at me. I've never seen a "deal" at a gunshow anyway.
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    My wife & I try to go to all of them........

    Yes, there are a bunch of nimrods who don't watch their muzzle sweep.

    I don't find as many deals as we used to find, but I look at it as a way to actually pick up & look at items I've read about.

    I also look at it as a social event. I know a few dealers & see friends at the shows.
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    Twenty years ago, I went to every one.

    Now days, they just aren't the same thing as they used to be.

    I go occasionally now, usually to look for a good deal on accessories or ammo, and to see what's out on the market these days.

    I've been trying to make one over the last year simply because I haven't been in a while but have missed the last six shows simply because I've had more pressing things to do. But I do intend to get to one again as soon as possible.
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    Back home, I used to go to every one. I'd spend all day at them, even if I didn't buy anything. Now, I have no idea where the shows are and probably have to work during them anyway... I should look it up though.
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    I almost always attend the gun shows here in San Antonio. The monthly SAXET show, in particular, has a very large number of dealers, as well as individuals who bring firearms to sell and trade. I consistently find new gun prices significantly lower than even the online sellers, and good buys on used guns can always be found. Plus, the ability to bargain with cash can lead to really excellent deals. And it seems there are always some surprises, whether I find anything I want to buy or not. I also enjoy the opportunity to visit and compare notes with other "gun people".

    As always, it pays to do some homework ahead of time, to be aware of current values. You want to know if the price you're getting is truly a bargain or not. Semper caveat emptor!
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    There are all kinds of beautiful things to see, oh there's guns too.
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    Central Florida
    Very seldom.

    I just don't need that much beef jerky......
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    Quote Originally Posted by David in FL View Post
    Very seldom.

    I just don't need that much beef jerky......
    ...or venison jerky, turquoise jewelry, blow-guns, old MRE's, hate books, hemostats, throwing stars, and hot sauce. Even more fun is when everybody sneezes bird flu on me.

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    I go to the one in Valley Forge, PA usually twice a year. I think the shows come around quarterly. The last one I went to was NUTS.

    I got there right after work on Friday to "get in and get out" as they have a 4 pm Friday show and then open at 9 am on Saturday and Sunday.

    The line at 3:15 pm was hundreds of people long, and as soon as the doors opened, hundreds of people RAN to the 4-5 ammo dealers tables and started wiping them out!
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