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back pain remedies?

This is a discussion on back pain remedies? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Originally Posted by Barbary Tiger Balm. Try it. I LOVE Tiger Balm. Have you tried the patches? GREAT....

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Thread: back pain remedies?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barbary View Post
    Tiger Balm. Try it.

    I LOVE Tiger Balm. Have you tried the patches? GREAT.
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    When I was 20 years old, I shattered a vertebrate in my back (car accident).

    I had had back problems ever since until I started working with a trainer a couple of years ago.

    I discovered that a lot of back problems comes from having back mucscles compensate for weak abdominal muscles.

    Ever since I started working to strenghten the abs, the back pain just went away.

    I went from "pulling" my back a couple of times a month to no problems at all for a couple of years.

    Just FYI.
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    Thermacare patches. They apply heat for about 8 hours. Got me up moving when I hurt my back helping a friend move a heavy wooden swing set. Also, try to sleep on your back with a pillow under your knees. For some reason this takes pressure off your lower back.

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    My sister just wrote to me today about a back injury she had. She said
    I have to go to physical therapy now to learn "spinal stabilization" exercises and techniques like how to bend and stretch and exercise your back
    so maybe there's something like that you can do to make your back more resilient.

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    Exercise to keep it from hurting and heat for muscle pains and ice for inflamation. I have had back problems for a long time, 4 hernieated discs and two ruptured, when all else fells just find a bottle of Irish Wiskey.
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    Steriod shots by a pain clinic works good untill you build up a resisstance to them :)

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    Aleve does wonders for me.

    That, and sticking to my exercises. My back usually flares up when I'm not keeping up with them.
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