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    Get this,

    My wife works for the school system in AZ, this is an elementary/Middle School combined. On Tuesday, they have to watch a DVD on Obama and the virtues of his policies. After the DVD, the students have to write a 1 paragraph paper on what we could do as citizens to promote his policies.

    I think that sucks. Sounds like the creation of the Hitler, I mean "Obama Youth"
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    Yes I agree that this sucks and sounds more like the Stalin era to me.
    I would however like to see what some of the kids say as I bet it will not be all Pro-Government!

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    Your poor wife has been placed in a mess. She can either keep her job or keep her honor. Welcome to Germany in the 1930s. Will the kids be issued uniforms and cool daggers engraved with 'Hope and Change'???
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    on Friday morning, we got a phone call from Bunny Jr's elementary school saying, in essence, "don't worry, we're not making the kids view this." 4 hours later we get another call, from the school. The principal sounded like she was reading this through gritted teeth: "in accordance with district policy, we WILL be watching. However if you don't want your student to participate, please call my office, we will have an alternate activity planned."

    I will be making the trip IN PERSON on Tuesday morning to make sure my child isn't forced to watch.
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    Fortunately my daughter has a half day of classes on Tuesday and class will be over before the broadcast. I plan to preview it online before her classes on Wednesday, if she goes to class.
    As far as what I have read about "the packet" I will, very politely, tell them where to put "the packet".
    My child is going to school for an education, not an indoctronation!
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    If our school is forced to watch this nonsense, I'm having my wife call to make sure I can opt out...even if I am the teacher.
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    I can understand concern about our kid's education and getting them to take more responsibility for their own education. I also understand presidential concern. I only wish that parents were given the opportunity to preview it before hand.

    Yes, understand the apparency of it and it possibly being Obama Doctrine, but I am trying to give him the benefit of the doubt about it being just as I have written above.

    I have had such high hopes for him as a real change for the better, but I am quickly waning in enthusiasm for him. But, that said, I decried a bunch of what George Jr. did too.

    I will be there when it plays as it is my the first day of school for two of my boys and I don't think my kindergärtner will give a rip, but I sure want to know what my eldest hears in school. And, dependent upon whether this is more Obama worship or just a genuine , "your future really is in your hands", will determine if he remains in public school.
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    Quote Originally Posted by UnklFungus
    If it is ok to disarm legal citizens to reduce crime, then doesn't it stand to disband the military to prevent war?

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    The message itself seems innocent enough.
    The follow up activities afterward ... don't.
    A local superintendent decided his school district would have nothing to do with it, stating -- for the record, officially and on the radio -- that this is a matter the parents should decide; if the parents want their child to see/hear/absorb/be programmed (okay, he didn't use that last term) the school district would provide them with the web cam address and they could watch it, at home, on their own computer.
    I don't care what office that superintendent runs for, he's got my vote!
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    Like it or not, he is still the President with a capitol "P".

    Kids should learn about him and his work. Hopefully, in a balanced way that promotes understanding and independent thinking so kids can grow up to make their own smart decisions...

    If they don't get complete info at school, "supplement" it with whatever is necessary.

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    How low things have sunk.

    When I was in school, we were glad to hear positive messages from our President. On the value of education. On personal responsibility. On the importance of physical fitness. On ways to serve our country. Hearing President Kennedy speak was always inspiring.

    Today, the level of hateful political posturing is just appalling. It's disgusting that some people have the temerity to equate our President's encouraging address on the value of education with Hitler or Stalin. You obviously haven't a clue about those heinous individuals or any sense of the history of that era. Shame on you. Please don't ever have the nerve to call yourselves "patriots".

    Students ought to hear positive messages from our leaders, especially our Presidents, regardless of political party.
    "We're paratroopers. We're supposed to be surrounded!" Dick Winters

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    I got notice last week that my son's school will be watching the broadcast, and that we have the option of "opting out". I told him he could decide whether or not he wanted to watch it. I will be watching it at home, so I can discuss with him any questions or concerns, if he opts to watch it.

    I will raise holy heck if I find out that he missed out on some grading points or had a punitive activity (i.e., writing sentences, cleaning white boards, etc) in place of watching the broadcast.

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    well when you have a clip that says that they (the children) need to serve the President i'm about stuffing it in the toilet. Why couldn't they just say serve our fellow man, our country, God, or whatever but not serve the president. Did anyone forget to tell the President it is he who is serving?????
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    My wife also works for a school system. As of Friday afternoon, 33 kids out of about 800 have been opted out of participating. The school system rushed out emergency permission forms for Tuesdays activities.

    I'm curious to see how many opt out by airtime?
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