Fun and Gun Video Games*

Fun and Gun Video Games*

This is a discussion on Fun and Gun Video Games* within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; *admin please repost as fit I'll admit it. I'm a video game geek. Lemme' back up by way of offering some perspective... I'm 38, and ...

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Thread: Fun and Gun Video Games*

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    Fun and Gun Video Games*

    *admin please repost as fit

    I'll admit it. I'm a video game geek.

    Lemme' back up by way of offering some perspective...

    I'm 38, and my Dad is a tech geek. That means that my first PC was an Apple. Not a Mac. An Apple. Not an Apple II, or Apple (thus began the subsequent 30 years that I was brand loyal to Stephen Jobs and his MacEmpire).

    In those days, Apple had software! I had seven or eight games (each on six floppy disks) that were run on a 48k system with dot-matrix green screen monitor and printer. It was primitive yet innovative, and I promptly freaked out like every other 8 year-old kid.

    Fast forward 40 years or so...

    Having realized that Mac would NEVER again make a cool computer game and that the emulators for anything from the PC realm arrived at glacial pace, I decided to buy PC (that was 2001). The true gamer in me was finally born, since by then, of course, I was on my OWN budget to develop and nurture the Ultimate Gaming Computer (IGC)

    (of course, this was before I married Dr. Wifeypoo and was forced to choose between expensive hobbies...guns (no!), motorcycles (no!) or computer geekery (we can talk).

    Anyway, to avoid boring the heck out of my GUN forum pals, suffice it to say that I never succeeded in creating the IGC, since it is enigmatically inachievable and always changing.

    But anyway, to date, my favorite Gun-y game is, hands down, Call of Duty World At War. Gotta' run, but I just wanted to suggest it NOW and ask about anyone else's favorite firearms-heavy game.
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    Halo stole about a month of my life...

    Loyal Mac user here too, Scot... My first was a Mac SE... the cutest little thing... 9 inch B&W screen, 1 meg of ram, 20 meg hard drive. But I was the "Mac Daddy", cuz I also had the external 40 meg HD...

    :::Edited to add that I also have Photoshop 2.7.3, on two floppy disks...
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    Never got deeply into games, But I've always liked flight simulators. I got to Beta test a Space Shuttle simulator that was going to be called "Challenger", but for obvious reasons it never made it to market.

    I'm also a Mac Weenie, and my first Mac was the "first" Mac, the 128K model with the developer team names etched into the inside of the case! (Bought in... Wait for it... 1984!) Have even played with a LISA, the Mac predecessor.

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    I like the Rainbow Six series a lot.

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