While we may or may not agree on Global Warming, Cooling or Climate change, it is pretty interesting what Obama has done with his choice of Carol Browner as his Environmental Czar. She is not subject to Senate approval (not a Cabinet Officer), but she is trying to engineer an end run around cap and trade and Clean Air Act limits by forcing a regulatory scheme through without legislative debate:

Vitter Introduces Anti-Czar Amendment

(Washington, D.C.) – U.S. Sen. David Vitter today introduced an amendment to the Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Interior spending bill that would prohibit any federal funds from being directed to programs or policies initiated by the White House Climate Change Czar.
“I think we’re seeing a very disturbing trend with the president appointing czars into leadership positions that have some obvious influence over federal agencies and policy even though they are not confirmed by the Senate,” said Vitter. “I’m very concerned about restricting the undefined authority of what are essentially political advisory positions, and I introduced this amendment with that particular goal in mind.”
Vitter’s amendment would specifically prohibit funds in the Interior Appropriations bill from being obligated for the purpose of implementing directives or policies at the direction of the Climate Czar. The amendment would not restrict any funding from being awarded for programs at the direction of individuals in positions that require confirmation by the U.S. Senate. It is Vitter’s contention that funding should only be awarded to programs directed by cabinet secretaries and other officials who have been approved by the Senate.
“With the recent controversy over Van Jones, the Green Jobs Czar, the practice of naming individuals to these special advisory positions has been further called into question,” Vitter said. “These czars are being given a tremendous amount of regulatory authority, placing them on a similar level as those cabinet-level officials who are thoroughly vetted by the U.S. Senate. That simply isn’t right.”
Now, since this is not a political thread, we are still having our blizzard (Day 3). Might be an interesting winter!