Current/Former LEOs... Talk to me

Current/Former LEOs... Talk to me

This is a discussion on Current/Former LEOs... Talk to me within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; As many of you know, I am currently a certified Career level firefighter and National Registry certified EMT. Although I do enjoy my job, I ...

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Thread: Current/Former LEOs... Talk to me

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    Current/Former LEOs... Talk to me

    As many of you know, I am currently a certified Career level firefighter and National Registry certified EMT. Although I do enjoy my job, I am becoming more and more interested in pursuing something in the LE field. I have always had a longing for both the fire side and the LE side of public service and I have accomplished at least half of that to this point. Up here in NH, there are what appears to be some valuable areas where part-time LEOs could find some great success and fullfill a much needed role. I'm not sure if I am completely ready to jump ship and go full-time to the LEO side, but it could be a possibility in the future. I like the challenges involved with being a firefighter, but I believe I would welcome the challenges of the LE side even more so. I want to take things to the next level. I want to be the tip of the spear.

    If any of you guys could share your thoughts, feelings, or pros/cons having been on the LE side, I would certainly welcome them. Being on the local FD, I have had the opportunity to work closely with the local PD and have a good working relationship and comraderie with them. I would very much enjoy also being a fellow "brother".
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    Hmmm, I always thought I would like to try being a Firefighter some day. I have been in the LE business since 1982 and find it rewarding, but would not want to start all over again. If you have a passion I suggest you jump in with both feet, or you will regret never trying.

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    Hey gddyup, I started out a as Reserve Deputy for the sheriff and went in to it full time after enjoying the work. Like Blacksan stated you need to jump in it with both feet and see if you like it.

    There are lots of great jobs in the LE/Fire/EMS world our SWAT team has a Medic on it and he is both Cert'ed in Fire/EMT/LE.

    I have been in LE off adn on for the past 25 years and I keep coming back to it .

    I would say give it a try if your passion calls you to it.

    I work now as a Wildlife damage investigetor.


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    If you have certified and sworn Reserves up there, that would be my reccomendation. The Reserve programs as as varied as the states are when it comes to dutys and responsibilitys, and that can even filter down to localitys as to how it is handled.

    In my state, we are sworn and certified and can work X amount of hours depending on the hours of training that we have provided by the academy.

    My dept. has 20 Reserve slots along with 30 fulltime officers and that is mandated by state law that provides a ratio of 1 officer per 1000 people in each county.

    When on duty we have the same responsibilitys as the Full time officers and in actual application there is little difference. We do patrols,take calls, do transports, write tickets, attend the same training and qualifications and attend court, wear the same uniforms and issued the same equipment and carry guns,on and off duty. By law, we can be paid up to 20 hours a week for one classification, or 39 hours a week by another. About the only thing we cant do is shoot radar or give state certifiable breathalizer tests on the machine at the Sheriffs Office.

    But, you'll need to see how it is handled in your state. In some northern states reserves are little more than meter maids or parking attendants, in others they are depended on heavily to augment the full time staff.

    Some of our Reserves have become fulltimers and some of our fulltimers became Reserves for one reason or another. Its a sad fact of reality that some fulltimers simply couldnt afford to raise a family on the wages they were making. They left the dept. to get better paying jobs and chose to stay in the craft by becoming a Reserve.

    We also have several fulltime fireman and a couple of EMT's. It seems like a natural proggresion for people in those jobs to want to try their hand at Law Enforcement and it seems to work out well as both sides usually benefit from the training and experiences of each other.

    It soundls like you've got the motivation and ability to do it, so take the next step and apply. Most depts. (around here anyway) would take an EMT over any other applicants, so you're already a step up on the competition. If you go part time paid, you might even be able to work it around your days off and it'll be worth it.

    It can be interesting at times. You can go from boredom to sheer terror in the blink of an eye. If you like helping people or trying to keep the quality of life where it is, then you should try it.

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    some depts went to EMT/PD officer combo jobs. Mostly down state in MI, but have heard of other states doing this same idea.
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    I know of some departments that combine police/fire/ems jobs. It seems like a good idea in small communities and resort areas.

    Be careful, if you try it and like it, you'll never be happy doing anything else.
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