Long,sad trip.

Long,sad trip.

This is a discussion on Long,sad trip. within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I took my wife to Cherry Point early this morning,Cherry Point is the Marines air station where most units leave from on deployment. Wifes unit ...

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Thread: Long,sad trip.

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    Long,sad trip.

    I took my wife to Cherry Point early this morning,Cherry Point is the Marines air station where most units leave from on deployment.
    Wifes unit is going to Afgahnistan for approx 10 months.

    We visited her folks last week,that was a less-than-happy time.
    Its been/will be toughest on our 3yo daughter since Ive only recently come into her world,and we are still learning each others ways.

    The trip up to the air station normally takes 45 mins,but with time running short for us to be together it seemed we were not in the truck 5 mins before we were standing on the flightline watching mommy board the plane,I sure am glad it was raining.

    The little one and I stopped for breakfast on the way home, its amazing how pancakes and sausage can improve a little girls outlook.

    Done venting,gotta start making "pasgetti" for dinner.
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    tough life...

    Been there done that, my wife was Air Force I was Army - sure glad it was me taking the trips most of the time...

    You guys are in our prayers, Hope all three of you are reunited safe and sound at the end of her deployment...

    Tell her I said thanks for serving too

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    If it helps just know that we'll keep you, your wife, and your daughter in our prayers. Hope the 10 months go by as quick as the ride to the air station. God bless.

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    Hang in there IronMike. It is o.k. to be sad. Don't overcook the noodles and get busy having fun with the little one.

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    We've sent our son a Marine also, it's hard. I can't begin to comprehend your depth of separation. God Bless, and thanks! Santa01

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    All the best to you and your family. I personally have great deal of respect and gratitude for our military and their families. We owe a great debt to you all for the sacrifices you all endure.

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    Praying for the safe return...................

    (I've been thru it.....both my daughter & son-in-law have spent time over seas......SIL 3 times now......)
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    Sorry IronMike, but really proud of your wife. Praying for her safe return.
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    I'm praying, too.
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    Thank you and yours.

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    Our thanks to your wife, you, and the family, but it doesn't do your sacrifices justice.

    OTOH, you have the chance to bond with this little girl for life.

    Quick story, and this post isn't about me, but I want to give an example: I was there when our daughter was born. Immediately after, the nurses whisked her away from mom so they could weigh her, etc. I accompanied our daughter for those first few minutes, talking to her, making eye contact.

    For the next day, our daughter responded to my voice first, and kept her eyes on me. I was King for a Day. Then later she bonded with mom, and I wasn't so important any more.

    In the same way, you have the very rare opportunity to bond with your little girl while your wife is away. I'm not saying it will be easy being a single parent for 10 months, but hopefully you will be able to look back and see what a special time it was. Imagine what an impact you can have on her in the next 10 months, especially during this very formative time in her life.

    I hope you have family help, but I also hope you get to spend lots of time with her.

    Here's hoping the next 10 months go by quickly for your entire family.

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    Hang in there I know its not easy but this will be time for you and your daughter to become best friends also
    God bless you guys and tell the wife thanks for here service
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    In hindsight, I feel lucky my time in the Corps was when I was single.

    I think deployments are very hard on families. I feel for you having to stay back and keep the family dynamics going strong. Especially with a 3 yo daughter who will be missing her mom!

    Sending prayers for strength your way and prayers for your wife's safety while overseas.
    Semper Fi

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    Prayers sent

    Grady's right this is a great time to bond and make memories that will last a lifetime. This little girl will wrap herself around you as her sole provider.

    Thank your wife for us for her service and thank you for your sacrifice.

    God Bless, RK
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    It will be a tough time for all of you, prayers are being sent your way, along with thanks yous to your wife and cyber-hugs for the little one.
    Remember your cyber-buddies are here for support whenever you need it.
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