What to make of this...

What to make of this...

This is a discussion on What to make of this... within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; A recent jury ruling brought this story to my attention: Clayton Police Capture Fugitive; Resident Shot By Police During Search - NC Wanted Story about ...

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Thread: What to make of this...

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    What to make of this...

    A recent jury ruling brought this story to my attention:

    Clayton Police Capture Fugitive; Resident Shot By Police During Search - NC Wanted

    Story about the jury award here:

    Jury rules in favor of man shot by Clayton police officers - NC Wanted

    I don't have enough info about the case to have any thoughts on the ruling, but something really stood out to me:

    the officers fired 16 rounds of ammunition, striking Pena twice.
    16 shots, two hits? That seems a rather poor ratio of hits to me. Am I wrong in thinking that?

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    After more than a day of deliberation, the jury found no wrongdoing on the officers' part in relation to Pena's claims of excessive force.
    Four months after the shooting, an investigation by the State Bureau of Investigation and the Johnston County's district attorney's office cleared the officers of any wrongdoing. The determined that the use of deadly force was warranted and that the amount of gunfire was not excessive.

    According to the district attorney's report, Pena came to the door of his home with a rifle after officers knocked on the door and announced themselves.

    He didn't respond to commands to drop the gun, and officers first fired when he moved the weapon "as if to shoulder it," the report states. After going back into his home, Pena came back onto the porch still holding the rifle and appeared to point it in the officers' direction, according to the report.
    'nuff said about that.

    Pena claims the officers never identified themselves.
    Pena, a U.S. citizen, does not speak English, and according to his family, did not understand.
    I guess that happens when you don't speak English in America. Nevermind several officers in full uniform. Common sense did not prevail.

    You never know what will happen with a civil trial. It seems to me that he was awarded punitive damages from an illegal search. I'll bet my next pay check the officers assumed their man wa hiding in Pena's trailer and searched the trailer based on that assumption.
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    16 shots, two hits? That seems a rather poor ratio of hits to me. Am I wrong in thinking that?
    It's a little different when you're shooting at a live, armed, moving target...those results are actually kind of common, especially if the target is moving back into cover. Some shots could have been suppressive fire...

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    And the lesson here...? Even trained pros miss in the heat of a confrontation.

    Carry a spare mag.
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    2 hits. Move and create distance goes to show it works.

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    The officers were in uniform. Did this fine citizen think they were Girl Scouts or bus drivers? He was told to drop the weapon, and he did not. The result was inevitable.

    That he did not speak English is a very poor excuse. Any idiot should know that uniformed officers pointing guns at you while you are holding a firearm leaves you with two options: drop it or get shot.

    It would be unreasonable to expect officers to guess if the armed person speaks English. That they could be required to give the command in Spanish is prejudicial: shouldn't they also address the armed person in French, Mandarin, Russian, Farsi, Dinka, Apache, etc., etc., including all the possible languages and dialects of visitors or new residents. That shouldn't take more than 20-30 minutes before they take action to end the threat to themselves.

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