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Thread: Funny incident at Walmart

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paco View Post
    I have wanted to do that so many times, but my Wife always talks me out of it without having to say a word.
    The Look.
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    I was in Home Depot "once" and needed an employee to spool off and cut some wire for me. No one in sight ! I got tired of looking/waiting, so while I was in their electrical department I used my cell phone to call the very store I was in.

    Them- Hello, Home Depot how may I help you?
    Me- I'm going to need to come to your store and have some electrical wire cut for me. Is there someone available in that department to do that for me?
    Them- Yes sir it is
    Me- Ok, well, let me tell you, I'm actually here now, I've been waiting in the electrical dept. for twenty minutes and I haven't seen anyone at all.
    Them- ******silence******
    Them-Sir we'll get someone there right away
    Me- ok, thanks

    I waited about ten more minutes and left, went to a Lowes, got my wire cut, paid and delays
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    I actually went by the ammo counter yesterday evening to pick up some 9mm ammo. Five or ten minutes go by and finally someone got around to me. I didn't think about using the paging system... dangit...

    But the lady who did help me was very nice and apologized. (Nicest Walmart employee I've dealt with in a long time.) We discussed the lack of employee's on duty (she said she was covering like 4 departments) and how little the "guys upstairs" cared. Then she hinted that people should shop elsewhere. I laughed.

    Apparently the founder died and since then everything has gone downhill.

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    hahaha great story and i like what you did. I used to work for Pepsi and we had to page people to recieving all the time. If you want to get management there really fast...hit page or *96 and then page for "800 to sporting goods, 800 to sporting goods". 800 is their word for management. If you page for that then they'll know you mean business.

    Just make sure you walk away after paging haha.
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    I paged "customer service to sporting goods. Customer service to the hunting license counter please.."
    Here you'd have to page, "Donde Esta el sporto employee, por favor."
    otherwise no one would know what you wanted.

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    yeah they are terrible so is meijers around here
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    I was at the ammo desk today, checking the limited supply. 2 more boxes than the last time from my guestimate. A guy asked if they had .380. Best laugh I had all day. Sent him in the direction of a real gun shop.

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    My wal-mart has installed a white box with a red button to request help on the sporting goods counter.

    I've used it a couple times and they've come fairly quickly.

    I'm still torn on if I approve of having to push a button to get help but it's better than roaming the store trying to find someone to find someone that can find the right person with the right set of keys just so I can give them some of my hard earned money. But hey, at least I don't live in california.

    (sorry californian brothers and sisters, nothing personal)

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    Thumbs up Wal*Mart Follow Up

    Quote Originally Posted by Rock and Glock View Post
    At a W*M today. W*M employees just like TSA employees...."Thousands Standing Around" (no offense to TSA employees herein, mind you)......few cash registers open and other employees standing there in front of the registers with the heads up their "Yee Haws". One actually told me "She knew what she was doing" in surly tones no less.........Sheesh.........
    I ripped a quick e-mail to Bentonville that evening, and got a call from the Store Manager today! Had a great conversation, and we both agreed. I was impressed.

    At least there was great management follow-up.
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