Weird foods List / Link to list

Weird foods List / Link to list

This is a discussion on Weird foods List / Link to list within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; This is a link to a picture gallery, bon appetit !

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Thread: Weird foods List / Link to list

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    Weird foods List / Link to list

    This is a link to a picture gallery, bon appetit !
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    Ohhhhkayyyyy, I had to turn my head aside too many times....couldn't get thru all the pictures.

    I'll stick to american standard foods, thankee, plus a few others I can't do without - like gyros.
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    Those were some mighty rank menu items.
    Kinda made me hungry though anyway.

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    Oh, yeah... sign me up for a maggot-cheese ratburger and a Big Gulp® of cow urine cola...

    Can ya imagine the "special sauce"...?
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    l have a bottle of snake wine from Viet Nam, a rice wine with a small cobra in it while it ferments. I have not broken down and drank it yet, I have too much fun showing it to my kids' friends.

    I can attest to the smell of durian, while in Singapore on a business trip I got a wiff.

    These were funny, I didn't find them gross at all, but then again I was willing to try scorpion, dog and cat (just never got the chance).

    Edit: I just got to the cow urine picture. Word of wisdom, never skip around then post a reply to a topic like this
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    I think I will pass!
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    What an idiot! I opened this while eating! Now my chicken and pastry looks like sheephead slop....Great...thanks alot!
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    Fugu tastes great but it can kill if not prepared properly. Durian also tastes very good. It just smells terrible. I have had both many times.

    Some I have had that they missed include:

    Fermented dead fish liquid in Vietnam. Used as a sauce. Terrible.

    Bacteria fermented soy beans. They ferment until a slime covers the beans. Then it is down the hatch for breakfast in Japan. That will wake you up. Smells bad, tastes ok. It is the slime that gets me.

    Roach eggs in Laos. Tastes good, sort of like caviar.

    Baked small birds heads in Vietnam. Hold them by the beak and crunch away. Nothing special, but I didn't like the feathers that survived the baking.

    Barking deer in Northern Thailand. Every time they told me it was barking deer they laughed, but insisted it was deer.

    Raw beef in lemon juice and soy sauce in Guam. Tastes great. The beef is tenderized by the acid in the lemon juice.

    Fruit bat soup in the Republic of Belau. The whole bat is in your bowl. Once was enough.

    A narcotic snot like liquid squeezed from a swamp plant root in Pohnpei called sakau. It is for party time, but it makes your mouth, throat and body numb and caused you to kind of pass out. No fights at these parties. Tastes terrible.

    My rule was to try everything, but never go into the kitchen.

    Fishing in Micronesia the first Spanish mackerel or tuna was sliced and eaten as soon as soon as it hit bottom of the boat. Delicious with soy sauce pepper mix.

    Worst I ever had was at a party the Yapese threw for the SEABEE team for building a road. There was wonderful fresh caught lobster, fish, turtle, fruit, breadfruit, taro, etc. Because I was the OIC they gave me the best they had, sliced up and served on a nice green leaf - a can of Spam.

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    What the...
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    I'll stick to burgers and fries.
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    In other parts of the world, some of the stuff we eat would give them nightmares - it's all about what you are used to.
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    Barking deer is code for dog.

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    Balut "A common, everyday food, it is a fertilised duck or chicken egg containing a nearly-developed embryo – including feathers, feet, et al"

    I had that happen to me once by accident. It was years before I could eat eggs again.

    As for Fugu - I can't imagine intentionally ingesting something that might kill me.

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    I'll eat just about anything. I have had brain tacos before. Really good but I had an uncontrollable urge to moo!

    I have had earthworm once, but it tasted like dirt. I imagine that if it lived in cornmeal for a couple of days it would be good!
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    Balut "A common, everyday food, it is a fertilised duck or chicken egg containing a nearly-developed embryo – including feathers, feet, et al"
    Been to the Philippines many times and have seen people eating Balut, as for me there was not enough San Miguel to get me to try one.
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