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This is a discussion on You Can't Make This Up within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; As far as the deer goes, once it has lost its fear of people, it can be a real danger. The next victim could be ...

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Thread: You Can't Make This Up

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    As far as the deer goes, once it has lost its fear of people, it can be a real danger. The next victim could be a teenager or small child. Also, whitetail deer go grow upwarsds of 300 pounds. They are very strong and act crazy during the rut(mating season).

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    I have never seen damage by an angry elk or deer, but a healthy black bear can tear apart cars fairly easily.

    I once watched one act like a can opener, popping the windows and doors right off an early 1970's vintage Ford Galaxy 500 "lead slead." It was during a camping trip up to Yosemite, and someone a few camp sites over failed to secure the food inside the bear-proof containers.

    In the morning? No more food, and no more windows or doors on the Galaxy 500. Nobody was harmed. Mr. Thoughtful got a butt-chewing from the park security folks that responded to his call in the morning, and Yosemite had another well-trained "problem" on its hands. I'm assuming he had no need for the A/C on the ride home.
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    Considering deer in the United States if I remember correctly kill more people then any other animal in the USA. Forget bears, wild cats, and snakes. Look out for bambi.
    I know not what this "overkill" means.

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    She should have" passed the buck"

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    The rut has started all over the country. Bucks grow antlers to defend their territories and establish a pecking order. Bucks also use their antlers for protection and yes, they will gore you if they feel threatened. The feet of a deer are their most lethal weapon. The hooves are typically pointed and they can use the front legs/feet to rip open another animal or human being. Deer attacks are fairly common during the rut and the testosterone levels of a mature buck are at it's highest of the year. They will defend their territory and their fight off any intruder during the rut. Elk are also considered deer and will act similar during the rut.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dukalmighty View Post
    Sometimes you feel like a nutt sometimes you don't

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    Quote Originally Posted by msgt/ret View Post
    I guess Bambi is not as gentle in real life as he is in the movie.

    Yup. Disney lied.

    Animals are *not* people in furry suits. They're animals.

    Imagine that.

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    I see a set of big crosshairs through the reticle of my scope, hear a loud crack and then get out my skinnin' knife.....

    we are gonna eat tonite!
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    404 Page Not Found

    One Nutt After Another.........

    .......she was feeding all the black bears...........
    .....Yep......It still happens. A lady out by the Durango and Ouray area that was feeding the bears was killed and eaten by bears this summer.

    Quote Originally Posted by ccw9mm View Post
    ...........but a healthy black bear can tear apart cars fairly easily.
    Yep......One was found in a car in Colorado Springs last night.........

    Our deer out here are Mulies.......The mule deer is the largest of the Odocoileus genus, standing, on the average, 40 to 42 inches at the shoulders and stretching 80 inches or so nose to tail. An adult buck will weigh from 150 to 300 pounds on the hoof, with does averaging 100 to 175 pounds. The occasional trophy-sized mule deer buck may weigh in around 400 pounds.[1] The Mule Deer does not show marked size variation across its range as does the White-tailed Deer.

    I think Nutt should have been punished, not the buck.
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